Reborn Patch 10.953


We’ve got a small patch going out this morning on client and server with the following changes:

  • Attempted a fix for the new “broken text” issue which was creeping up for some users.
  • You can now gain XP from turning in Missions and Quests even if you are in a Raid party.
  • Healing potion values have been increased.
  • Updated the rarity of the new Raid pets in the item list, made the Horse Mount un-destroyable.
  • Mission NPC waypoints will now show the icon for that mission type.
  • Added the Perfectionist Raid Meta Achievement which will be granted if you have completed the other perfect Raid achievements.

This will go out in about an hour. Thanks!

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New raid pets? Thought there was only 1?


Sorry yeah there is just 1 in this Raid.


Why did you do this?


Just an achievement? does it come with anything else?


The bundle of joy knowing you done it.


Any other updates or bugfixes incoming this week, or will that be planned together the hardmode raid next week?


Because ppl were complaining that healing potions didn’t scale to the new hp values from reborn


The intent was that healing potions should heal for more than like 20% of your HP, like they did in the old game. We increased the values of the higher-end potions to match that intent.

The achievement comes with the title “Guild City Liberator”.


Client-side patches should be available to download on Oculus and Steam stores.

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I’m so grateful for the getting xp for turning in missions while in a raid party. I wish I could get back all the lost xp from the mistake I made though. :sob:


Will raid parties still effect grinding and public events though? I still see it being a issue and it seems like such a pointless block

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In this patch, there is also a potential fix we added for the shaman totem issue mentioned in this thread:

Again, let us know if this change helps any. Thanks

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@Jake_E is the boss 4 bug fix where the adds keep leasing