Scoundrel Overworld PvP


In the overworld, where weapon/armor stats have an effect, scoundrel is even more powerful in PvP. This is especially important for the trickster goblin. Is this balanced? Scoundrel should have to at least curve shots in PvP to get good damage.


it’s a valid point, especially against helen keller who most classes would struggle with


The idea is to show off the damage clearly. While people will move in PvP, remember that:

  • Scoundrel loads its bullets, gets a new card, and charges a shot while it moves, effectively not losing DPS
  • Scoundrel can use one shot (uncurved) to do over 80% of the enemy’s health, and the cards aren’t consumed if you miss
  • This is the non-curve boosted damage; curve adds around 70% more damage
  • Other classes, especially mage/warrior/shaman, are far less mobile and lose damage by dodging

We should put this in the new player guide - I think most people have realized this by now. Have you guys done a similar test with ranger against a stationary target? I’m curious as to how much a charged piercing does without orbs to initiate with.


I’ll ask Landru when he gets on today.


Thanks, appreciate you guys taking the time to do it.


Omg the music and production value :+1:

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Charge piercing shot from Landru does 50% of my health, then it takes 5 more shots (while hitting weak points), so about 4-4.5 seconds more, to kill.


Any chance you guys want to test rapidity too?


Not a very good test case as J doesn’t have any armor on and a good mage will wreck a scoundrel most of the time since you can’t see the spells. You know you can dodge the bullets and not just stand there. I think most of you expect to stand there and win.


I’ll see if I can get that set up.

J is wearing full +4 armor with near perfect defense/vit; it’s transmogged as the public event chest/helmet. He also has a vit potion on. A good mage won’t wreck a scoundrel who can kill the mage by pointing and clicking without curving (~4 shots can be fired in 0.8 seconds) before the mage gets 2 spells off. I explained the movement issues above. It’s very easy to hit a moving target with a gun when you don’t have to curve.

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If you just stand there then you will die. A good mage can kill a scoundrel from anywhere. The more you PvP you will see patterns and be able to make settle movements to let them shoot out their burst damage and land an affliction and frost to slow them and they will die.


You think it’s easier for a mage to draw and then hit 3-4 slow moving shots than it is for a scoundrel to hit 4 rapid fire/fast traveling shots, or 2 if he charges a second time while dodging instead of shooting his chamber?

Scoundrel even gets better armor than mage, for some reason.

What about rangers and shamans? Are they dead in the water?


also you don’t have to cure shots at all to do this damage, and curving shots is supposed to be the scoundrels skill cure, right? but that is pretty much non existent in pvp.
On top of the fact that you don’t need to use the main damage mechanics of the scoundrel to do good damage in pvp, there is no penalty for missing other than having to charge up a shot again unlike most other classes where you then have to wait for some sort of long CD or redo whatever damage ability was used.


It really is a low skill requirement class. Even with my paladins armor on I drop like that. Adding the close range curveshot talent on that… ouch.

As for survivability, leather armor instead of cloth and the only dps that has a heal… yah it’s safe to say it’s a really strong class for pvp.

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It’s really great for those warrior mains who still want to be relevant in pvp :wink:


I am constantly amazed over threads like these and at the same time people avoid playing scoundrel in high-level pve more than anything… in fact almost no one plays it there, and it’s no surprise, it looses out in logs greatly since the ranger buff. Who seriously tries to walks through a dungeon and tries to curve high levels, consistently, to get even close to rangers or mages quickly sees why the class takes hundreds of hours of practice (if that even helps; the trash problem is still the same).

Statements like yah scoundrels have the ability to heal and that is awesome? Haha, this heal is available every sixth card, and it is your spread, same time, which you want to use on trash, and for more dmg on bosses you will not save this card, but by all means dmg cards for combos so in dungeons you are way better off equipping a healer pot.

All this is irrelevant in pvp though, there all the mechanics which suck for pve suddenly make sense, since you got so much time to prepare combos, save healing cards and what not and can unload your mag and done (well… at least if players don’t move and play dummies for ya, like in the vid lol; but I get it’s also strong in bgs etc.). Then you don’t walk up to the next mob group in an instant, where you arrive with empty mag, no combos, no time to charge etc., but mostly got another neat preparation time to optimize all.

Pve is an entirely different topic and if the scoundrel was oh-so-op, in general, why does still noone consider playing it instead of his mage or ranger…

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Metris there just aren’t that many people trying new stuff in general.


No, I don’t think that this is it, nope, the bard was cared for, leveled and taken into high-end groups almost instantly, up from the beta, once people noticed its power. All the warriors in our guild switched to paladins because they feel more comfy with it and do more dmg. The shaman is played more and more on trash, however it has a weakness on bosses, that’s why it’s not good to main it.

The scoundrel is just weak overall - or takes real many hours to make it a little stronger and this is mainly unnoticed because the mechanics are ideal for pvp, not pve though.


You are right. More PvE testing needs to be done… But so far it is looking like scoundrel for PvE is a high skill class. I haven’t seen any scoundrels who can compete with rangers and runemages just yet… But you are also right in saying that I haven’t seen any scoundrels who are practice and/or bothered enough to compete so I cannot really say for sure if its underpowered or overpowered in PvE. The same fact applies for Shamans who I have not seen enough of in PvE to say if they can balance play well enough to deal significant damage.

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