Secrets of Mugwood Treasure Hunt Feedback

Hi, we’d love to hear your feedback about the first phase of the Treasure Hunt content we added in MSP #1.
Keep in mind, we’re likely going to add to the system as we phase it in the overworld content in the future.

You can find all the details on how to get one and complete them in the thread below.


Just to… post something here, too. 2h in searching for my treasure in the right area, not finding anything. Well, 3 days to go!

Just to clarify, you don’t have to hold the map (it just needs to be equipped to your tool slot) to see the chest. So you will be able to see a treasure chest at the location, and also remember that there are multiple heights to levels now so if you think you are in the right area but not seeing it sometimes it could be on a different height.

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After 9 hours I never even had the treasure map drop, so you’re doing better than me


maybe change the drop table? i feel like we should at least get a glimmering shard for all this instead of a major.

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Got 1From my first mob. Found it after 10 min. Got one this Chest Monster. Killed it droped One runmage Reagent…

Got mine from the 2nd or 3rd mob I killed in the tutorial, too… I wonder if it did drop for you, but the dragon couldn’t pick it up, it fell under the ground or such.

The Dev Dudes are going to look into it, Burn and bucky also didn’t get theres

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Got mine right at the first mob I killed in Mugwood. Found the chest about 2 hrs later. So it is working for some people.

I did two this morning, these were my rewards:

Treasure Map 1
09:59:13:488 [Loot] Item Acquired: Spiderling Accent Dye
09:59:13:489 [Loot] Item Acquired: Major Shard
09:59:13:489 [Loot] Item Acquired: Runemage Reagent
09:59:13:489 [Loot] Item Acquired: Spiderling Accent Dye
09:59:13:489 [Loot] Item Acquired: Major Shard
09:59:13:489 [Loot] Gained 500 Dram

Treasure Map 2
10:38:01:255 [Loot] Item Acquired: Spiderling Accent Dye
10:38:01:255 [Loot] Item Acquired: Major Shard

The second one felt very underwhelming for sure


Hm idk what I expected as loot, but aren’t the accent dyes coming from just killing spiderlings? I got one this way and feel stupid running around 3h to no avail now searching for the treasure, to get… another dye and a blue shard? :smiley:

A “treasure” should look differently and contain something more valuable. How about potions for example like those from the levelup-chest, or 5k dram or such (that is around the price for one potion), as a standard, plus the one or other random glimmering shard…

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Update, got my chest now finally, the map contained a bridge which deffo looked like it was leading over water, however, the “water” was a kind of path and hardly grey-ish, blue-ish either, so I never checked that specific place.

Loot: 3 dyes, 2k dram, 2 major shards - the dram amount was more decent than Ricknesse’s, at least, but I still think it wouldn’t hurt to mix a potion in AND a couple of rare drops like in the grinder chests! It’s only 1 time per day we get a chest and it would make chests more worthwhile to sell and buy in the auction house also if you can possibly get real valuable and unique things outta them.

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I like this idea. Add a few potions to their loot table. Maybe something like super charger or even aged invis that is still useful but that you can’t get from dunegons. The dyes are cool and all and might be valuable to someone. But 500 dram, 2 Runemage reagents and a major shard is has no value. Glimmering shards would be good though.


Do we know for sure yet no chests will drop a rare item just like the grinding device does?

There are multiple rare drops available. We’ll be sure to monitor the drop rates though.

Also investigating the cases where maps have not seemed to drop for people, as getting the map itself should be pretty quick each day.

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Possible quest reward spoilers for people that haven't completed the quests yet

From patch notes, thats what you can get in the DLC, you get 2 mounts, 2 pets during the questline which means there is 4 bits of furniture, 1 mount, 1 pet, 1 helm transmog and 1 dye that seems to be possible unique rewards from treasure hunting

Honestly, hunting this thing was pretty fun. It’d be good if it could also give a valuable (worth the time it takes to find) repeatable consumable reward (i.e. rare potions) so I could do it regularly and have incentive to buy and trade maps on on auction house as well as to become a ‘regular’ treasure hunter.

Transmogs and pets are a one and done type deal. Dyes can be valuable but can be one and done as well if you already have most of your end game armor.

Also, this might already be in, but a ‘Treasure Hunter’ title after finding 3-5 chests would really cool as well.

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I’d love to see multiple stage treasure hunts which get a little harder with each step with increasing good rewards

Are the unique rewards from the treasure hunting tradeable?

I double checked and it looks like we forgot to add the line of text with regards to some of the new achievements that show what the reward is, but 4 of the furniture pieces are from achievements, so you can check the achievement vendor for those.

We’ll have a fix for that shortly.

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