Sept. 29th Island Update - Content Preview

Hi everyone, you have officially unlocked the final reward in the Explore The Realm event, The Forsaken Isle!

Great job to the community and we’re amazed by your work and effort spent these last few months.
The island will be available on September 29th, and along with it a large amount of new content and updates to other places as well.

We wanted to post a recap of everything that’s coming out in the patch, along with some previews of the new items and rewards you’ll be able to find!

Check it out:

  • Dram cap increase: From 5 to 6 million (available in tiers of 200K increments)

Booooooo we need more than 1m increase for that to be remotely useful :frowning:

Everything else looks good though!


Rupert is confirmed best boy.


Will the new fishing rods have increased line strength, reeling speed or anything? or just purely cosmetic?

Still purely cosmetic for these - we understand that folks would like more effects on items rather than just look and we’ll be thinking about how to best bring items in that are practical in the future.

but the higher tier fishing rods from the regular mission vendor has increased reel speed, so shouldn’t the one from the long term have even higher reel speed?

Hmmm, we’ll take a look and see what the situation is on these.

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Is the dps balancing also coming in this patch? If not when? Next big patch?..

Yes, it is coming in this patch. See notes here: DPS balance patch notes


Guess I won’t be doing the long term mission then, I’ll leave the 69’s on the leaderboard instead. I have dram and exp already, not got a stronger rod though :stuck_out_tongue:

Let us spend stupid amounts of dram to buy multiple different “enchantments” to add on the rods/harvesters/critter guns to give them extra bonuses/perks, that why you can still just release the same old standard rods/toolswith new skins and we can upgrade the ones we like with better perks, you get a dram sink and we get to have overpowered tools by stacking perks/upgrades/enhancements, you could even have it so the more times it’s upgraded the more expensive it becomes to do


Or maybe tool transmogs? Then you could keep one or two tools that look exactly the way you want and have all of the “enchantments”/enhancements you want and not take up large amounts of your storage? Then if a new design comes out that you prefer, you don’t have to spend the money a second time to enhance the new tool… :pleading_face:

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omggg windup rupert!

I didn’t realize this. I assume then that the summer event rod is also weaker than the NPC sold rods?

Idk, I think I asked when the summer even started, but didn’t get an answer.

We investigated this and there is no difference between any of the fishing rods in game right now.
I think it would be an interesting feature to have but the system isn’t set up for it right now, so maybe in the future that is something we would be able to play around with and have different qualities of fishing poles.


I do remember it saying somewhere during one of the betas that the higher tier fishing rods have higher reel speed and I swear it feels that way too. I’ve been looking around for a bit and this is the only place I find it mentioned, not by a dev, but Riley did reply and didn’t deny it.

I also seem to distinctly remember discussion between rickness and Riley or Robert here on the forums about whether that system was even working or not.

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From what I was able to find, I think we had intended to have a system where they would be different during beta so that would check out to around the time those discussions were had, but it never made it in for launch of Reborn.

Int and Str do affect fishing though -

  • Intellect: Intellect increases the chance of the game telling you if you had a nibble but had the wrong bait.
  • Strength: Affects the how long the fish jerks away for.

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