Shaman Mask Relocation


Right now the Shaman mask sits quite far from a players face. It would be nice to have a relocation anchor for the mask, so each player can relocate it to fit their current style. Limit the area of relocation to be just around the face.

I’ve posted about this before, but had zero interest. Maybe it will this time around :joy:


I personally like this idea…maybe allow you to adjust the positioning in the transmog station in the player house? The reasoning behind the mask being offset is to account for head gear that could conflict with the masks. This can be something we can try to squeeze in if there’s time.


Yea you wish


I figured that was the reasoning. It still clips with some helmets. This would have it so players can choose exactly where they want it.

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Nice idea, and it should be easier to code for the devs since arn’t masks considered to be weapons in the same way you can re-position other weapons?