Shaman totem suggestion

Just wanted to bump this

Have you tried relocating where they sit? In general settings there’s an option to enable (something) then your able to set your tool belt. Now my compass sits in my sternum and my ranger arrows sit high and both together rather then one of each side and low. This may not be a complete fix but could help you.

yes but this is like anything with classes. I only have my cards out, xylophone out, books out, arrows out, etc when my weapon is out.


To change the weapons on the belt you just enable to anchor points when your weapon is in hand. Just hoping to help, it helped me a ton to reset where I wanted stuff.

This is much like the mask in the mirror thing, Shaman doesn’t behave like other classes.

Totems should disappear when the mask isn’t actually equipped (activated). It is silly that they don’t.


i know and i thank you for that. i’m just really comfortable with where they are right now as i can get them down fastest.

and for people who didn’t read my post and are wondering about health pots, belt items will stay visible if you so choose (not really replying directly to you, just adding on)

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