Shard level 10 reincarnation bugged

We cleared a level 10 shard and we didn’t get the kill count. This is because reincarnation is broken:

When you kill a reincarnated mob, it does not count towards kill percent completion. We ended up having to sit around for 30 mins for mobs to respawn :sweat_smile:.

Can you fix it?



We reported this in the beta too…

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pretty sure it got fixed on the beta, then it’s back again now.

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When the Reincarnation triggers, does it cause the percent completed to go down? Is that what’s happening?

when you kill a reincarnated mob it does not add to the percentage

Oh I see you mean when you kill a mob that will reincarnate, it doesn’t count.

yeah, ofc, but when you kill it again after reincarnating it still doesn’t count and you end up not getting enough percentage.

Right okay, I have a fix for this which will go out later, you should get credit on the first kill, then the reincarnation mob shouldn’t affect the tally one way or another (but obviously you will still have to kill it to continue the dungeon).

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No, don’t do that, skipping a mob is not too hard. The percentage has to come from the second kill

Especially reincarnated elites are going to be skipped if you get the percentage before the reincarnation.


Hmmmm…okay I will see if that’s possible.

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Well that would make it a lot more interesting getting the option to skip the re-incarnated mob. Will reduce RNG…

I find it strange why you want to have the percentage from the second kill Potato… You always was very annoyed about the Desert dungeon rezzes :sweat_smile:

I do find it annoying, but it’s also part of the challenge to make it on time.

Tho I wish there was some sort of particle effect and clear indication when a mob does resurrect, not just it suddenly being back.


I also think the percentage has to come from the 2nd kill, and yes please add an effect when a mob res

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I really don’t unserstand. Having the percentage from the first kill means you can still kill it a second time. Having it from the second jill is more like a forced kill it again. Option one is flexible. Option two is forced. It is not partcof the challange but part of RNG.

So I guess you guys wanting to play it safe and don’t want to have a discusion in the dungeon, kill again or not :man_shrugging: and then the argument skipping is easy is a lie. Because you don’t skip to make sure ppl don’t die over and over when walking back (until a tank helps). Which is the whole reason for killing it twice.

You know I would be fine with forced killing the rezzed mobs if there would always be the same amount of rezzes with an elite counting as two rezzes.

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But thats the mutation, if it res you have to kill it a 2nd time to get the percentage.

I remember the one in the old orbus the dungeon we did where almost every single mob res, that was annoying, I would suggest that theres a max percentage each dungeon how many mobs can res in total

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yes please, having a set amount of resurrections would be great, too much RNG when doing t10s

Instead of every mob having a 10%(think it was 10% at least) chance at resurrecting there should be a system that decides what mobs are going to resurrect when the shard is put in and make sure that it’s exactly 10% of the mobs so you’ll always have the same amount and not sometimes be unlucky and have almost all the mobs resurrect.

If you do implement this also please make it so there is a constant elite/non-elite res ratio, otherwise we’re back to RNG having a big factor where you could get unlucky and have most of the resurrections come from elites.


I believe we requested this in the old orbus too and it is something the dev forgot about… Definitely consider capping the amount of possible elite/non elite resurrections in a shard dungeon… Otherwise the RNG is too high and it kills the fun a bit.

Okay, I can look into adding some further restrictions around it like only X elites per run or something of that nature at least.


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