Simpler runemage

I have been playing orbus and the runemage seems a over complicated character as the game doesn’t pick up spells well I know people have gotten good at drawing them but not every one has a 100 hours a week to pour into a single vr RPG now it’s unfair to address a problem without suggesting a fix why not give the rune mage a easy menu draw a straight line then a few random glyphs form in front of you you pick one out of the few shown you then cast the tied in spell this would be simpler and add randomness to the class

The class is supposed to be a hard, advanced class. Not sure if that is mentioned anywhere in Reborn but it sure as hell was blasted in your face while you were doing a quest to unlock the class


It has the word “(Advanced)” behind it while selecting it in reborn. I think shaman is suppose to be easy version of mage. so try that clsss out.


It does pick them up well and it’s pretty accurate, as long as it’s used the way it’s intended, aka the rotation of the spells have to be the same as the rotation of your head. So if you’re looking straight ahead you have to draw them normally in-front of you, if you look straight up they have to be parallel with the ground, if you lay sideways they need to be drawn sideways(yes, that actually works), etc.

what a lot of beginners do that makes it seem like the detection is way off and bad is that they look downwards at their spells, causing the angle to be wrong and thus they pop.

this should really be explained somewhere in-game tho, it’s how the class functions and not knowing about it puts you at a major disadvantage. I’ve explained this many times by now and pretty much every time it’s made people much less frustrated at the class and pop a lot less.

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Look directly at you spells, that ensures that the plane is correct.

Proper scale is a must. Most spells are either 1:2 or 2:1 (L:W). Get that down and thatll help.

Spells are picky about that 2D lines too.

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not necessarily, I draw my spells just at the bottom of my FoV, if I were to look at them the plane would be very off and I would pop all of them.(unless I adjusted for the downwards look by drawing them tilted of course)

Just being a bit picky here, but proportions would be a better word to use, scale I at least would associate more with the overall size, which doesn’t matter for the spell detection.(tho when people draw them really big they tend to curve them which throws off the detection.)

True, proportions would be a better way to phase it. As proper proportions includes overall scale.

Yea, it somehow is easier to cast slightly below. I assume it would have to do with the headset tilting downwards or something.

Just clear things up I have the hang of the class and use it well what I’m trying to say is there is no reason to be so complicated and it could be simplified so a wider range of players could play them

It’s supposed to be complicated. This is the most versatile and highest potential dps class in the game. Anybody can play the class, but only a few will be elite with it. That’s how it SHOULD be. It’s a skill based game. It should take considerable to be highly effective.


There is a reason, you just don’t want to hear it. Mage is intended to be a difficult class. That is why it is labeled “very advanced” when you are choosing your class. If people aren’t willing to put time and effort into getting good at the game then this is not the game for them. If they insist on playing this game, then choose a more simple class that takes less time to get good at.


Like Indiana and Sift said - this is supposed to be a very rich class, requiring hours of work to become excellent at it. I’ve put in over 300 hours in the class and I’m only decent at the class. You’re going to get this kind of response from people since they’ve spent hundreds of hours practicing and getting really good. (This has been brought up before and gotten very similar responses)

What you’re asking is similar to asking a professional basketball league to lower their hoops to a height you can easily reach so that you can join their games. It would make the game less fun for those who have spent years practicing as well as cheapen the effort they’ve put into the game.

Overall, the class is quite simple - draw pictures in the air and shoot the resulting spells at monsters. The spells are even controllable once they’ve left the wand. That’s just easy. The only hard part is drawing the pictures accurately. :woman_shrugging:


I think he got it :expressionless:

It’s just a suggestion surely a game should be as simple as possible I know it says advanced but what’s the point of having a much harder class I get the point your trying to get across but let’s say in WoW with rogues someone played 1000 hours of combat rogue and then it was removed and replaced with outlaw but those people excepted the change the problem is that pro players still need to see that they aren’t the only players and a lot of normal players struggle with runemages it doesn’t matter if 1000 pro players have 10 spells a second but if 10000 normal players struggle with the class surely they should be aided with the ability’s being tuned to be easier and the pro players should just man up and grow a pair

Is it that you are against practicing or something? Not everything should be handed to the player. The point of having a hard class is that some people like a challenge, and those people get rewarded for practicing. Of course “normal” players are going to struggle with mage. That is the point. Mage is supposed to be something that is learned over hundreds of hours of hard practice.

  1. No one can do 10 spells per second.
  2. The class shouldn’t be easier because it was intended to be hard in the first place. The players that are good at it are proof to the so called “normal” players that they can achieve the same thing if they practice
  3. You should grow a pair and learn that some things require practice to get good at.

What you want is for all the people who haven’t put work into the class to be just as good as the people who have worked hard for what they have which is a horrible idea to say the least.


I’m not the best Runemage but the first time I successfully casted Firework, affliction 2, and Fireball 3 - I sure was proud of it.

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Runemage has always been a class everyone wants to play but give up very quickly.

There used to be (and may still be) runemage circles where groups of mages get taught the basics by a more experienced mage. Learning the proper way to cast is extremely important and if players haven’t attended a mage circle “player tutorial”, they claim it’s bugged/too hard and give up.

There’s a bare minimum players need to know about the class and a text tutorial usually isn’t enough.

One of the really special things about Orbus is exactly this, groups of people standing around in Highsteppe and practice spells… if there’s people hanging out at all they are doing this, if people wait they are doing this (provided enough are interested in mages), I was only recently looking at these groups, gathering and amazed that this is still happening.
It’s kind of a constant thing from the first hours the game was released until now. Yea, many don’t stick to the class since it takes more than few hours practice, but still, the whole “magic” starts before that, new players learning their first fireballs from the better ones. No other game I know has this. I still think they did everything right with this class.


I think the hardest part of this class for me has been the lag. either the link, or the internet, or the servers.
Because of the lag, I couldn’t draw things quick enough for shards and raids. My hand and mind are quick enough but the computer can’t keep up since it keeps freezing and messing up my spells.

I since switched to another class until I get a better computer. Then we will see if it was the game, link or computer that caused it. I see people on quest spam the spells like no tomorrow, so it always let’s me wonder…

Im starting to feel like this is just a troll post :stuck_out_tongue:


would love it if you could make your own spells and the signs are part of a script, but each part of the spell costs it own bit of mana.