Slow movement in battle mode

Can anyone tell me why movement is so restricted in battle? It makes no sense to me. Whatever you are fighting moves at normal speed while you get stuck in the mud. As a Ranger it makes soloing hard especially when multiple enemies come running fir your head. What’s the point?

If you could move at full speed, you could just run away from everything with no consequences.

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Why would you want to run away from everthing? No pain no gain. Part of fighting is strategy and movement is needed to fight effectively. The way it stands, if you are not high enough to kill it, it kills you. If slow movement is necessary for me then why do the enemies move at full speed?

Don’t get me wrong I understand that there is no real consequence for being killed. It would be nice to be able to move even at half speed.

:man_shrugging: most players I know avoid fighting unless they’re in a dungeon, a raid, or actively farming.

You can use combat sprint. Warning it could lead to dieing due to no stamina


You can’t play the game without going out alone at times. Avoiding combat is not an answer. You know very well that being agroed even by enemies with a green triangle is common. My suggestion is to speed up movement in combat is a complaint I have heard many times by other players even in the short time I have played.

So far this is my only complaint so the game is pretty great.

I’m not aware of combat spirit. Thanks for the info.

I assure you, at level 30, it most certainly is :slight_smile:


'You can’t play the game without going out alone at times."

I challenge you to make a video of you going through highsteppe asking if anyone wants to adventure with you. if you make it through the entire highsteppe (on a decent populated shard mind you) without anyone offering to go with you, i will concede the argument.



The point is not getting other players to adventure with you. The topic is why slow player movement to a crawl when in combat.

The way it stands, any enemy that agros you puts you in a fight to the death because player movement is slowed while enemy movement is not. That is the topic. My question is why so slow? It limits options to defend yourself because you just can’t move. So you are forced to stand there like Rockem Sockem Robots until one of you is killed. I have played online before and have not experienced this flat tire effect before. I’m not sure what the point is.

The environment in game is great as far as player helpfulness. It is one of the things that make the game as good as it is. I don’t always want to ask a random player to be my bodyguard while I Critter Capture. I can hold my own battle. The slow effect is the confusion for me. I feel that it limits fighting strategy especially for range class players. For a Ranger, it forces you into the repeditive mode vs accuracy mode because you just can’t get far enough away to do range damage unless you have a tank.

That’s it. That’s my comment.

No, you can absolutely play Precision. In fact, the vast majority of Rangers play as Precision. You’ve got special arrows and a trap as well. You should be able to deal a significant amount of damage before they close on you.

Also, regarding a fight to the death, you can leash enemies. It’s especially easy as a Ranger. Hit them with your trap, move far enough away so that they’ll leash when they get to you, then shoot them to release them from the trap :slight_smile:

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Are you saying throw the trap and move to a distance and fire a specialty arrow to agro them as they move toward you they get caught up in the trap you move to a distance and then when you fire another specialty arrow they are released and leash to you. Or is leashing a different thing?

The two times I use Ranger traps while solo play:

1: I start with a few normal arrows to build up globes, then a charged Piercing arrow, then trap the enemy when they get close. Get back to range, then Poison followed by charged Piercing. They’re usually dead before they get to me.

2: Accidently aggro’d. Throw Ranger Trap, run away. When I’m far enough away from the enemy that I’m fairly certain they’ll leash, I hit them with any arrow (damage breaks the trap), they try to get to me, then leash.

Leashing is when the enemy gets so far away from their spawn point that they no longer engage in combat, and instead return to where they started. They leave you alone.

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Ok. Thank you. I will work with those tactics.

Do you know if the trap works on the hords in the Flooded Rainforest? They come in pairs. Solo is still pretty nail biting unless I can trap one of them.

You’ll be able to trap one of them. Depending on what level you are, a charged Piercing+Poison should knock one of them down pretty fast.

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Right. I’m almost 27. I can handle one with no issues. Two want to do me in. Trapping may just be the trick. Thank you so much for the advice.

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If I had to make an educated guess, the slow movement is due to the fact that you have both regular and teleport movement. if it didn’t slow you down to fight - A - you might not realize you’re being attacked - B - you could easily get away from any enemy without any skill or talents and there would be no risk to you.

There are a multitude of ways to either avoid combat, enter combat and win at any level, or escape from combat. It sounds like you may not have explored what every class has to offer in terms of the above.

There are also potions to help you do these things as well - for the avoidance its a potion of masked scent; there is also a speed potion, but I’m not sure if that affects speed in combat or not.

the higher the risk, the greater the reward. If there were no risk for leaving highsteppe the game might not be as fun as it is. explore different strategies and find one that suits you. I started the game as a runemage and found if i struck first i could usually kill the enemy before it aggro’d on me. but you’re right, if i didn’t notice the enemy, or didn’t attack it, it could kill me, rune mage is squishy :smiley: But that just forces me to use my skills to figure out how to proceed.

Think about agro as circles - look at your book and see what the symbols mean, then test the radius you can be near an enemy. Each tier has its own circle of agro, and if you learn them you can literally weave in and out of enemies without getting any agro.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the advice. I am fairly new to the game but have played online games like this one. Ultima Online is where I started and played the hell out of it.

I do solo quite a bit and strategy plays a big roll in how I play. I got a few tips on my class above abd will give that a try. I am a level 26 Ranger and can get around mostly without agroing every single enemy out there. And like you, if I strike first, I’m in good shape. The circles are a little hard to read. I have had enemies fly right past me and not attack. Then out of the blue two or three will run up a hillside and take me out.

As for symbols, are they found in my journal?

If you look above some monsters’ heads, you will see different symbols above them. The legend for these symbols is at the back of your journal. The legend is as follows: Green triangle=no challenge, Yellow diamond=easy level, Red triangle=equal level (equal to your player level, not a good idea to aggro these guys if you are alone) Red square= Hard level (5+ levels above you I think), Purple star=Impossible level (10+ levels above you). There are also some monsters that have a blue swirly flag thing underneath their normal difficulty icon. This means that they are elite, and are usually pretty hard to kill solo.


Teleport and use walking locomotion at the same time is the fastest way to move in combat barring class specific skills, its enough to run from most enemies and get around them as even default your stamina recharges faster than you use it if you only use walking locomotion. Its actually pretty fast and allows for movement in combat.