Small Raid Patch


Just rolled out a small patch for the normal and hard mode raid. It will affect all new instances.

Boss 1:

  • Fixed a bug that would allow the Lightning Strike damage to go through even if you properly interrupt it.
  • Increased the shield HP (Hard mode only).

Boss 4:

  • Boss and adds will no longer reset during the fight.

Boss 5:

  • Lowered damage value of hit basic attack (Hard mode only).
  • Lowered damage values of some other of his moves (Hard mode only).
  • His pools now deal damage while standing in it (This was a bug that got fixed the other day, but wasn’t put in a patch notes).

Rolling out another patch that will take effect on new raid instances. This patch only affects Boss 2.

Boss 2:

  • Time between elite spawns increased. Players should now have 4 phases between spawns, two to attack elites, two to attack boss.

  • Elites become enrages if left alive for 4 phases.

  • Boss no longer becomes enraged after 2 minutes (this was a bug that should have applied the enrage to an elite that was alive for 2 minutes).

  • There is a 3 second delay after a phase switch before mistake buff stacks get applied to the boss when attacking the wrong target.

  • DOT effects no longer trigger mistakes buffs to be stacked on the boss.

  • Tank buster damage should line up with the animation now.

  • The mistake buff that is applied to the boss has been changed to be the same buff used on Bosses 1 and 4. It still has a similar effect, more stacks, more damage the boss does.

  • Bomb shock damage decreased (Hard mode only)

Patch 10.96- Hard Mode Raid Beta

Thanks for this. My guess is it will still be rather difficult do clear with +0 gear, but at least now it should be doable.


New patch, will apply to new instances of the raid

Boss 1:

  • Increased shield HP (hard mode only).
  • Additional stack of the buff are applied to the boss when mistakes are made. (hard mode only)
  • Damage increased on pools and adds basic attack. (hard mode only)

Boss 2:

  • AOE damage when elite dies reduced. (hard mode only)

Boss 5:

  • Pool tick damage decreased. (hard mode only)
  • Pools can no longer overlap each other.

bose 4 add spawn so close to each other hard to separate also hit so hard like the boss damage with +4 gear like evey hit is a tank buster


Another hour, another patch. I’ll look in to spacing out the spawns of the adds on boss 4 tomorrow.

Boss 1:

  • Greatly increased shield HP again.
  • Increased tick damage of beam
  • Increased health and damage of elites that spawn.
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I agree with Vasillia here: When will you fix the boss 4 adds spawning inside of each other and the boss?


Read top of latest patch notes on this thread. :wink:


Unless this was changed it should be worded correctly: It should say that adds no longer spawn in the boss and not they they no longer reset.


It was the post just above yours, not the first post in the thread


Oh my bad. Did not see that


New patch rolling out to new instances.

Boss 1:

  • Fixed bug where beam didn’t do damage when it should.

Boss 2:

  • Changed how add spawn locations are calculated. They should never spawn on top of each other.

Boss 4:

  • Changed how add spawn locations are calculated. They should never spawn on top of each other.

loving the boss 2 and 4 fixes :kissing_heart:


is it just me or have all the raid bosses just become a dps check? every boss has a dps check except for 3

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boss 3 too. enrage timer


Not really. Here is 1 mechanic example from each boss which makes it not ‘just a dps check’

Boss 1
Fail to coordinate tanking for ad and beam and you are dead.

Boss 2
Fail to jump correctly, you are dead.

Boss 3
Fail to dodge line attacks and kill blue orbs, you dead.

Boss 4
Fail to jump correctly, you are dead.

Boss 5
Fail to kill ad, you dead.

That isn’t to say that all the mechanics are ‘challenging’. Some of them are, some of them are not.


boss 3 enrage timer i would say is fair also. I would say it has a dps check just like the other bosses… Although maybe not for experienced teams.


He isn’t saying it’s just a dps check but that they all have dps checks in them, which is true.

Boss 1, you get the poison add spawns, boss 2 the add Spawns, boss 3 an Enrage timer, boss 5 the adds

I don’t think boss 4 has one


i have the same issue too with j and i am the tank


he literally wrote:

‘is it just me or have all the raid bosses just become a dps check?’

Boss 4 has a VERY hard dps check in hard mode. Dunno about normal mode.