Some little features for more convenient life

After spending 20+ hours with this game, I’d like some feature which I think would make our life easier and not ruined the game play.

  1. On screen compass. Most of the time I feel lost on the map. Especially Flood rain forest. Every area seem identical and I dont know where I’m heading to unless I open the half screen interactive map. A little on screen compass (not one we have to hold) would be good or just a tiny version of map would be fine.
  2. Seated mode. Many people play seated and they look small. Espire 1 has a good implementation of seated mode.
  3. Teleport destinations sort by area. Currently all destinations listed as buttons and not group by area.
  4. Friends/people needs revamp. These menu and command should re design and make them more convenient. Why I have must have people stand near me to invite them to the fellowship while I can remotely invite friends to party? And why I can send mail to only friends, not fellowship members? I dont see the reason behind this but just not implement yet.
  5. Missions sort, like by giver, level, progress (bronze, silver, gold)
  6. Weapon/Equipment preset.

Hope someone may add more :slight_smile:

  1. The map isn’t really hard to learn considering it’s not all that big. If you have 20+ hours in game then you should have a good idea of where everything in Highsteppe and the Rainforest is. Learning the ins and outs of the map is something that is needed in every game you play. Also this game is based around communication and working together with other players. You can ask just about any high level player and they will be more then happy to help and teach you the ropes. This includes me. So if you see me in game just ask.
  2. Well this could be implicated but I see no issue with how it is as of now and its fun to see people fly by me while butt scooting around Highsteppe because they are siting down.
  3. While this is true, many players have the map memorized and they buttons are in the same order for every player and it makes it easier to run up to a pillar and quickly pick the location that they want to go to.
  4. I absolutely agree with this and it has been talked about on other threads in this forum. The only issue right now is that the devs are trying to get the DLC ready and are focusing on that and making the deadline that they made for themselves. (correct me if i’m wrong) Another thing is that I can’t send mail to people who are standing right next to me. This would really help the people who want to stay mute in game but still communicate to a degree.
  5. See number 4 (except for the part about it being on other threads in the forum.
  6. I think you are referring to switching classes and having your armor for that class be switched in so you aren’t manual putting the right armor on. This is implemented in game as a button right under your character in your inventory called “apply load out”. Now if you are leveling up and switching armor and weapons all of the time this will get annoying because you will have to hit this button (sometimes 3 times) every time you switch any piece of armor or weapon. Yes it will get annoying having to do it over and over but this will slow down when you reach higher levels and start to get set in your armor and weapons.

Once again, if you have any questions about the game, its best to ask end game players because we have the most experience in the game and more often then not, we will be happy to help you in game. You just need to ask.


for the map, you could also try my interactive map. it has a bunch of useful information on it as well as shows where you are in the world when you grab your compass(unless you’re on oculus quest).



Something to note about loadouts: if you click the weapon you’re working then the new weapon, it won’t apply the loadout. You have to click the weapon you’re switching to first.


Unfortunately, I’m on Quest lol.

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