Spectator/Caster Mode for Raids/Dungeons


A very unique and in my opinion great idea would be to have a spectator mode for dungeons and or raids.
How this might work would be to have an option to add player to party as spectator or to add player to party as raid/party member member. The spectator would likely enter in as a ghost form and have free movement around the field in 3 dimensional movement.


  1. This would allow for twitch streams/YouTubers to cast/stream/comment on various boss fights and create more in-depth tutorials on strategies for each encounter.
  2. New players that are added to raiding guilds can be allowed into this mode to watch and learn the fights in the particular way this guild runs it (which may differ from how other guilds do it).
    a) Being able to train new players in this manner may likely increase the acceptance of new players into higher end guilds while reduce the reluctance of wanting to train up the new players by extensive trial and error on their part. I suspect boss fights in the future to be more complex in their strategies and some people are visual learners.
  3. The spectator could be the guilds strategist and be able to watch the raid and identify flaws, think of better strategies, record bugs, or be a 3rd player assist to help call out certain mechanics.
  4. Be the a leading mmorpg in incorporating a new mechanic that fits well with the evolving climate for esports and progressive youtube/twitch business streamers.
  5. Boss fights could have a 4-th dimensional component to them which may need a spectator slot to watch and call out for certain mechanics that players in raid might not be able to clearly see. (i.e. perhaps tiles on floor could light up in a random area and the players need to kite the boss there or a player needs to go to that tile to gain a buff etc)

Please comment below on your suggestions to improve this idea, how it may be incorperated better, and your over all opinions on whether or not this should be a thing.


I don’t like 3 and 5, but I do like the idea of overhand view with a recording option.
Would prefer it in color and not as a ghost…

Orbus In general needs more abouve viewing options, I mean it’s a amazing view, and basically a full world, without 10 000 holes in every out of bounds area as many games have.

I did a lot of exploit exploring before before that was fixed, and the above view of a lot of spots, such as mountain crest and lamavora wilds is amazing to see from high above!

To bad the airship never got a proper viewing spot. They just chug you into the middle and make you stay there. I really hoped they would allow you a viewing spot before reborn. But noooooo


Ah yes, I was imagining an “in-color” view, not the black and white. I more so meant ghost as a non intractable character.

If this is implemented, 3 is likely unavoidable, and 5 would be a solution to 3 or away of using 3 to make the game more dynamic and different.

Ultimately, having different innovative additions to the game would make it less a copy of the standard mmorpg template, which is a proven failed model seeing as every World of warcraft competitor fails when they copy it.


Not is you cut of the viewers voice, and don’t give them anything to do.


That isnt really possible when there exists discord


Well I don’t think there’s many (or any) new players who enjoy sacrificing 1-2 hours of their evenings just to watch others play and do nothing. Raids as I know them also include pauses, waiting times and lots of lengthy, boring trash clearing which is pointless to learn from. Watching a cut video or one you can fast forward with expert comments added afterwards, on the actual fights, are way better for learning, just my 2 cents.

And easier dungeons should be attractive enough that experienced groups take less experienced into them, potion drops are nice, but adding perhaps daily quests for them, additionally, can do the trick.


With 3 and 5 you will end up with a 11man raid group where 10 people get to play and 1 person has to sit on the sidelines not getting loot but sat watching for mechanics for everyone else, sure it could be useful to get new players trained up, but if mechanics get designed around the fact there will be someone spectating then that means you’ll need that everytime, it’s much easier to just get someone to stream it


It just occured to me at Raid Boss 3 I am already takin over that role, like, every second time :joy: …


Make it just a pop in and out feature for everyone, go spectate and figure out what you would need to do before you join a fighting party… Or go strategize with your guild, or just watch for fun… Give parties options to make their run private though.

Make the spectator be an invisible giant overlooking the arena that shows everything at a small scale, or give them the option to change their scale… That was the best part of spectator mode in BAM.


What about recording the fight and spectate only re-play? (Question is who would like to do that…)

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