Spectator Mode for Raids

Spectator/Caster Mode for Raids/Dungeons

I had this idea pop into my head and thought to check and see if it was suggested for a spectator mode in raids and dungeons as I think it’s pretty cool. There wasn’t much interest in it back then it seems, but the community has grown and changed dramatically since then.

I get that most people can stream on discord, but now that the game is also on Quest and such, it isn’t always possible to stream for people. Also, as a stream, you could only see what is happening from the streamer’s perspective, rather than exploring the entire group.

I think it would be a rather cool addition.


Some kind of: join the stationary raven cam view option. This way the devs don’t need to add specific spectator locations everywhere, or block flying to specific locations.


would honestly love to have this so if people want to understand content or just get a better view would be a great addition to the game!


This would be amazing for getting the best view to record the fight as well. Great idea.


i feel like something like this could come in handy when trying to teach boss mechanics to newcomers in raids

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This is a great idea. It is getting harder to find experienced players willing to show others how the dungeons work. It would be great to be able to tag along maybe invisibly and see how others get it done.