Spell casting doesn't make any sense

I just started the game. The players really are pretty awesome.
I’ve only played mage throughout my entire MMORPG history so of course I had to get a wand.
And the idea of casting spell by drawing runes was so cool and exciting to me but unfortunately it is soooooo lame…Like 90% of the spells can’t cast and the runes we draw, instead of summoning circles it’s just some silly little symbols WHICH even if I traced it from my book (that requires me to use a gesture that twists and breaks my wrist to summon) DON’T EVEN CAST! lol like did no one play test this?

I was expecting some next level japanese summoning circle for crazy spells and not draw and arrow and have my wand fart on me.

And honesty if I trace it through my book and it still doesn’t cast then there’s something wrong with the mechanic. I see people casting 5 spells in like 2 seconds which I assume it’s some end game mechanic but why does it have to be end game. Why can’t it actually be fun and not frustrating?

Like everything about this game screams it’s meant for players 10+ to be able to play and yet everything about it is rather confusing and frustrating. I’d rather draw a complicated summoning circle with less accuracy and have spells cast than tracing my book on a 1 stroke silly letter and have my wand fart in my face.

Like I can draw mana shield with a circle and it’ll cast while fireball, yes fireball, won’t even cast when I trace straight from the book.

Is there any plan for improving this? I’m looking for a mmo for my friends and I to play. If theres no plan on making this class actually fun to play then I’m just gonna refund and look somewhere else.

PS. The Wizard is super fun if you like spell casting class. you actually feel like a powerful mage instead of an idiot who cant draw a pointy B. Like no game should make the player feel stupid at the simplest mechanics. Games are supposed to bring player join and fun. Like I can see challenges but this isn’t challenge. It’s just straight up not play tested. Why pay for something that’s only going to make you frustrated.


The people you see casting 5 spells in 2 seconds gained that ability through:

  1. Trial & error
  2. Practice
  3. Insane amounts of practice

There is no end game mechanic. Just real skill honed over time and dedication. Being a wizard should be hard. It should take real effort to learn to do.

If you really want to learn. Ask a Mage to help you, they are (mostly) happy to teach.

If you want to easily hurle spells, you could try out the Shaman class.


Mage Isn’t exactly an easy class to play, it takes a lot of time and practice. If you go to the weapons vendor it’s even labeled as an advanced class.

The mages you see casting really fast are people that have been playing the class for a while and have learned ways to cast spells quickly and efficiently.

Ya, depending on the spell some are really hard to trace. With the mage, there’s a lot of things to factor in like head angle, hand angle, proportions, etc.

If you ever want to learn a few tips and tricks let me know I would be more then happy to help you out. Name is the same in-game “Gundrakk”


The casting also depends on what headset you use. For example when I’m playing on my quest it’s really hard to complete even the simplest runes like light or decurse but when playing on rift I’m capable of casting Fireball level 3, pushback level 2, polymorph and even greater affliction multiple times in a row without fail. The latency and quality of the tracking is a big factor, that’s why I wouldn’t recommend playing Runemage on quest.

eh, no. the recognition is the exact same on all platforms, only difference there is the tracking, latency and fps which is more than good enough on the oculus quest as well. I have played a bit on quest as well, and I definitely can’t cast as fast on quest, but that mostly comes down to getting used to the controllers and the slight difference in how much you pull the trigger before the spell starts getting drawn. If I were to re-learn my muscle memory I could cast almost as fast and just as consistent as I currently am on my index.
There is no reason to discourage quest players from playing runemage.

as for the actual topic of this post, like others have already said it just takes a lot of practice. The spell system works as intended, if you give it the same values it’ll give you the same result 100% of the time.
The main thing newer mages don’t realize is how the system perceives the direction of the spell, which is dependent on your head orientation, not world orientation. so if you draw the spell perpendicular to the ground while looking down slightly, the system is going to receive that spell as being slanted. So you want to draw the spell oriented the same direction as your headset, meaning that if you’re looking straight up you need to draw them parallel to the ground and if you tilt your head 90 degrees to the side you need yo draw the spell sideways.


you arent doing it right

runemage takes practice of getting the spells down good, not taking 10 minutes, failing, and coming on the forums to call the class awful

i recommend looking at most the posts above me as they should help you out a little bit. good luck


It’s not really a game thing, more a you thing
Clearly you play mmos so I’m gonna try and explain this to you
Dps is damage per second
Something that is very valuable
From the sounds of it, you want spells that are going to take a while to cast
On there own, at level 30, spells don’t do the most damage
Now the best mage in the game hit 130k(?) dps which is the highest currently
From the sounds of it, that would make it so those with the best wand would hit around… 40k? 50k? Maybe 60k if their fast?
I could get on and show you my casting
The fastest I’ve done fireball is 2/s
It’s less about how the game needs improving, and more you
You are a sprout with little experience
Get to know the game, check out other spells, maybe watch a few tutorials and things will get much easier

Sorry that’s bare any logic… the game is out 2years+ do you really assume one of its core classes is broken and you are the very first player noticing :slight_smile: ? Also why do you think spells “do not cast” if a ton of players around you in Highsteppe, as you see when looking around, can cast them just fine, and even speedily? Why should it be an “endgame mechanic”, the opposite is the case, a quick search on mage topics here reveals every spell is casted the same way up from level 1 (and a number of people critized that they are available to newbs rightaway; mage is not without reason marked as advanced class).
Ask around ingame how to play mage and learn to play it from those who do, if you’re really up for the class, like everyone else you will figure.

However the post sounds as if you had very clear expectations of how the class should work, possibly mechanics you are used to comin from a different game, plus less complexivity/quick success, in this case I’d suggest dropping it, indeed.

Enough has been said. Repeating the same opposing arguments from the original poster with more/other details is not necessary. It makes it look like an overwhelming attack on the original poster and their opinions.


You know, you can actually word opinions in a way that you don’t get these kinds of replies, js… if everyone is replying like that, this is not an issue of everyone, but of the tone of the OP :wink:

  1. Yeah mage isn’t easy except it’s not hard because it required any sort of advanced mechanics, it’s simply because the way game recognize rune is broken. Plus mage is always “advanced” for every single game.

  2. the mage I see casting really quickly isn’t casting “like 5 spells in 2 seconds” there are literally people spamming spells one after another with different spells. You can see the movement of their wand when people try to cast. They literally did a quarter circle and it casts. Calling it “end game” mechanic is giving it benefit of the doubt. There are people who can cast fast, and I’ve seen people practice at the town square. there are times where it fails. The people I’m talking about are walking, casting, non-stop, without fail, using different spells.

  3. none of these make any sense. It’s not about how you play the game it’s how you position the gear which sounds like underdeveloped mechanics. mage should be hard from how to cast different spells in order to prevent the enemy when soloing or needing a tank to tank the enemies while they cast and not a broken recognition system.

If I literally trace the spell and it doesn’t cast, then it’s broken.
That’s as if you are assigned a homework, you turned in the answer you copied from the back of the book and got a 0.

You said it yourself
Mages are casting crazy fast and everything
Mages can cast fireball at 2.6/s
They can cast frost at 4/s
If all these mages can do so much
What does that say?
It’s a you problem and a question of how you’re doing it
Why don’t you record it, post it on YouTube, and show us and maybe we can help

lol i like how you pulled dps out of nowhere and started explaining it
I didn’t want more time on casting, I want more fun, because that’s what I play video games for—fun.
I could go on but you’ll probably end up answering something else you came up with from my response.

he didnt come up with anything, those numbers are true


Well considering that dps was connected to what you said, it wasn’t out of nowhere
We are trying to help you instead of saying “get good” and being jackasses
If you don’t want help, I don’t see the reason for this post seeing as how mage works very well and this is just a question of experience


yeah pretty much, it’s not unheard of especially with not that many people actually own a VR.

why did I think it’s end game mechanic? well maybe because everyone doing it is lvl 30? idk, do you see any level 1 chain casting spells?

it’s not even about figure, it’s straight up unviable.
This isn’t about complexity. Any 2 year old can draw h or d or even trace it from a book
It’s about how even tracing it doesn’t cast.
Questions promotes advances, without people like us who question, nothing will be improved.
lol dropping sure, getting my refund now.
K thanks bye.

Just because you spent hours, days, and weeks mastering an underdeveloped mechanic and found how it works doesn’t mean it’s a good complex problem. Rocket science is complex, the question of life is complex, drawing h consecutively and finding out how you can tilt your head while drawing it is far from “complex”

I have a level 1 character that I can chain cast with, yes. If you trace the spell from the journal, it’ll cast.

There’s nothing wrong with the system. You’re not the first to talk about this, and won’t be the last. If you give it time you’ll understand it.


draw a B

draw a P

it is not complex, it just takes a little practice.

take the time to learn something, please dont complain about something that you dont know much about, and then not listen to the people who do.
if you do decide to get your refund, have fun


Nothing needs to be improved, there are sprouts who can chain cast, and you aren’t questioning. You literally just told me that what I said was crap. I don’t think you’d feel very great if I did that to you. The system is completely fine. Your inability to draw B correctly is on you