Spell casting doesn't make any sense

Rather than attacking people, you should be asking what little techniques you are missing to work towards their level. Asmund is easily a masterful caster. There are a couple others here that could tell you the things you are doing wrong. There is a reason this class is considered hard mode. It’s not broken, its nuanced and not something you get right within the first hour or hours of play. You may be feeling attacked, but people are trying to make you realize it is a class of pure skill and learning the techniques that have been hard earned and learned by many a skillful mage.


Are you trying to cast spells with your left hand?


/\ This, this is important as left handed mage is so so much harder than right handed mage even for left handed people; it is made for right hand. If you are left handed and having difficulty try learning with right hand. Its what many mages have done.


I think they’ve given up
By now they’ve gotten their refund so if I were you I wouldn’t waste too much time on it until they reply

I don’t post often, i’m quite the lurker here on the forums. Its alright if you don’t understand how the casting in this game works, its extremely unique.

If you truly do not believe what everyone is telling you, please watch this video i recorded of me casting every spell in the game without failing a single time:
Edit: Spoilers (obviously)

If you still don’t believe that this is entirely functional, its because you don’t yet know how the game really registers spells. Please watch this video to help you understand the class.

It will take many hours of practice. Likely a few hundred before you become truly decent at it. With this video and understanding, it should be a lot faster than that however.

Your fellow mage, Zenzerker.


Whats funny is that the point everyone is getting to, but are also not quite communicating is that the reason that mostly only lvl30 players chain cast, is because it takes enough practice that by the time you hit lvl30 is when you have probably practiced enough to do it. Its not because lvl1 cant do it, its just that they are just starting to learn. Something like that…anyway. Im new! Also…it is extremely frustrating learning the spells… I can relate to Leos comments, but im just going to keep practicing.


for my ideal, mage class should be a class with massive damage and a long cooldown spell or long time casting to make the very large and superior magic, (Ideal from as I see in movie or comic)
when I heard this game mechanic have to draw a rune letter to cast a spell, I guess it will be a long time draw that has another to protect me from monster attack, but it not.

For now, it looks like a class with high-speed Hadouken, it fast, it massive,
but it not in a placid concept or look like a wisely calm wizard at all because of a too rapid spell, so I didn’t like this class much.
But I know if it as my Ideal, it will hard to balance in combat with another class.
BTW I still faith that maybe in another class or another update, there will be a match of my Ideal wizard in-game.

Only my opinion about what doesn’t make sense to me.
(I will not talk about how hard to draw a rune, cuz everyone can masterful in anything if you take time and have a good practice, and I didn’t feel it over difficult)

You can cast the level 3 spells which are bigger and take longer.


I agree with OP on tracing, for example.

Long story short there’s no way to fix it now because if they altered the algorithm or coordinates for the spells it would probably have extreme impact on all existing runemages & runemage knowledge.

At the very least, the reverse could happen - the tracings in the book and so-on could be updated to be more accurate, as well as better spell feedback systems. No shortage of ideas found across various different threads.

I tried the knuckles too, despite being completely broken right now because you can’t turn. Most spells translate okay enough and will take me some practice to re-learn for decent speeds. However Frost 3 was extremely different using the knuckles versus the Oculus controller. The angle required (from your arm/hand/wrist) is extremely different (yes I know “the spell angle” is identical). Somewhat normalized skeletons across controllers would be nice for wands, if possible. Relearning to cast Frost 3 as good as I could on Oculus seems like it will actually be fairly challenging, especially with no feedback system.

The problem is, when most try to “trace” they don’t get the details that allow a spell to complete. They move their head and their wand a bit and it breaks the spell.

I’m 100% a support player. So take what I say for a grain a salt. But I’ve watched the work that goes into a class I thought I could just “jump” into years ago. Those that put the work in impress the crap out of me.

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lol just practice



Not very descriptive but you’re certainly correct xD

They should have an option that you can turn on where you aim your wand and just press floating buttons to make the spells cast for new Players. That way a new lvl 1 player can run dungeons with a lvl 30 friend

yikes :grimacing:


That is completely contrary to what the runemage class is about.

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Oh my bad just thinking what would make it easy for new players like you would never be as good pushing the buttons but you could use it to run dungeons with a high level friend.

Orbus is a skill based game. Every class is going to take time to get proficient at. Runemage has the steepest learning curve. If players want to run dungeons, they can. You don’t have to be spectacular to run content. I’ve succeeded dungeons where the DPS was doing under 1k, where Healer had top numbers, where our DPS were all Warriors/Paladins, etc.

If runemage is too difficult, there are three other DPS classes available, all of which are viable at all levels of the game.


That hurt my soul to read… if anything we should have a mouse and keyboard.

Like a vr keyboard superimposed over gameplay that we can hotkey our tilesets