Spell casting doesn't make any sense

Ouch, Im sorry I said anything. Didn’t think it could get worse.


He will try to come up with something worse xD


Voice controlled magic just screaming fireball makes the spell work


Seriously getting back to the OP it really does just take practice and with that comes a real sense of pride when you finally get decent with your spells. You will really feel you have earned the role as a dps mage on your team.

You really have to wonder at what point he goes from being serious about the topic and then in to troll mode.

Yeah sure let’s attach a rifle to the paladin hammer
Maybe an RPG to the books

There is already a ‘rifle’ attached to the pally hammer. :joy_cat: … it just sucks to use.

Eh true
What about emps?

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You are 100% disingenuous. Try suggesting something that carries the game forward. There are tons of us that care about this game and want to see it continue.

You were a super skilled player in Preborn, but all I see is a forum warrior that wants to tear down what’s been built.

I know I’m walking the line of “don’t directly attack players”. But he doesn’t play and only attacks those that are trying to improve the game.


I have been on just about everyday since covid. I was just playing around with my suggestion in fun. I play orbus for fun. I have been trying to give reborn a chance.

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Maybe let’s focus on what the forum post was about instead of this childish crap
The only thing it’s gonna achieve is Mathieu or someone closing the post

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Could latency factor into spell casts? Something I’ve not considered till now and it makes sense (not making excuses for anyone, just a thought).

I was a bad caster starting out, I’d maybe get a fireball II 10% of the time. It’s all about understanding what the spells demand from you. Runemage is the most rewarding class when you take the time to practice.

I actually screamed when I was actually able to cast Aff II shortcut and I wanted to show off (Got muted by my clan immediately after :confused: but that’s besides the point).

Tracing spell is “broken” in a way, you can see people spam spells by tracing shortcuts and not the actual spell.

The journal has little tips for mage, not the best but it’ll help you understand the requirements.

Doubt mage will be reworked.

Not exactly “latency”, but trying looking straight ahead and quickly draw a nice angular B in a flat plane, it casts!

Now, when tracing, in my experience, people have a tendency to hover over certain parts and to go really slowly or to vary the speed at which they draw the lines of a single spell). There’s also the whole head tilting or bad placement of the notebook that goes on while tracing. I think the hovering and going slowly might add extra points that (badly) throw off the detection algo.

To understand why a spell may not be working draw it, do not cast walk to the side of it and see how wavy it is.

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There’s also the whole head tilting or bad placement of the notebook that goes on while tracing

This is it. Tracing the book will mess with your head angle, unless the book is perfectly aligned with your head.

In regards to latency, almost 100% certain it does not effect consistency~ Although can make your spells come out in a delay.

Notably~ Your drawings update every frame. Every frame a pink line is drawing from position A to position B of your wand (A being where the wand was last frame and B being its current position)
So lower frames can make your drawings less accurate depending on how fast you draw. For a mage that casts less than 3 spells a second this likely wont effect them unless their frames are super duper low.

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In the old game it did, latency and ping as it was a server check, but in the new game they made it client side, removing the delay. This also removed the natural dps cap on mages :mage:

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Ooh there is definately still a delay. But now we are talking about something like 0.15 second delay instead of like 0.5 second delay. (Numbers are not exact)

Mmmmh unless that delay is caused by the people themselves not being able to double press faster.


hand-control to pc processing delay time? :joy: its still doing a confirmation, but its not going to the main server

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The spell check is still happening server side, but you don’t have to wait for the spell before you can start drawing the next one. I also think they’ve improved their networking as my latency is a lot better in reborn than it was old game.

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Wheeeeeeeeeeee, I’m not reading any of the posts and instead injecting my opinion!

Screw runemage! It’s neat in theory but in practice it’s a sh*t-show. The players that “master” the class are all snooty elitists that think they’re better than you because they can draw a pretzel really fast. Grow up! The spells hardly ever work as intended and everyone is fine with it. It’s poor game design, people! The mechanic is broken and the devs are too chicken to fix it because they don’t wanna loose their elitists as opposed to actually making a functional game that, gee, I don’t know, works properly? Christ, if runemage was removed tomorrow I’d be grinning like a mad-man. To hell with it!

–Rant over–

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