Strength no longer effecting mage spells + Runic Speed talent broken

This has been a bug since reborn started and I know it’s been mentioned before but I’ve never seen anyone showing a video of it not working, I didn’t bother editing the video but I do a test with a beginner wand, a wand with 158 strength which has no difference in speed and then with a strength potion too which also has no effect

I then go and grab a forgetfulness potion and change to runic speed and it’s exactly same before and after picking the talent

In old orbus strength would increase the speed of the spell causing it to travel further in the same amount of time, so you knew it would be effecting it, that doesn’t happen in reborn

I’m fairly certain that strength does nothing for Bard or Shaman either and after thinking about it a little it could be changed so that strength actually does something for all classes, otherwise, what is the point in having it on our weapsons?

  • Ranger - Increases Base damage - This is fine
  • Scoundrel - Increases Base damage - This is fine
  • Musketeer - Increases Base damage - This is pointless, my suggestion would be change it so it increases the speed which the turret heals/damages
  • Paladin - Increases Base damage - This is fine
  • Warrior - Increases Base damage - This is pointless as warriors don’t do much damage - have it increase the shield strength like vitality does
  • Bard - Increases the throw damage of the baton - This is pointless, I’d suggest changing it so is increases the tick speed of the passives and the travel speed of the crescendos - This will help bard a lot depending how well it scales
  • Runemage - Completely broken please fix, please
  • Shaman - Does nothing as far as I can tell - Change it so that it increases the rate at which the totems pulse, as well as the spawn rate of the totems/orbs

This way, strength on weapon matters to all classes and makes potions useful to all classes rather than it being a useless stat for 5 out of the 8 classes


100% agree. Thanks for all the work you put into this post.


^^^^ This!! I chug a strength potion on each harder content (since this potions seems the most common drop I get), but it does nothing for 2/3 of my classes which kinda sucks.


To make sure this is not brushed off as an incomplete test, I did test back when I found out strength is broken for mage that it does not work no matter what spell you use. From frost 1, 2 and 3. And fireball 1, 2 and 3. I did it by barely hitting a dummy and seeing if this distance changed, which it did not no matter what you do with your strength and talents. Like Rickness showed.


another cool side thing is for the shaman super (rupert) would also be effected by your strength

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Honestly, I kind of like the idea of not every class can benefit from strength. If I’m playing a bard or a shaman, I wouldn’t have to drink strength because that’s just waste of resources. But I do agreed that rune mage spell speed needs to be fixed. The spell speed is situational but it does make life easier in some circumstances.

Imagine a mage that works out… I mean I wouldn’t mess with him. Or her.

I would rather benefit from a stat that is available to me, I drink all the potions available because I main ranger, once I switch to a different class I no longer benefit from these potions, that’s a waste, not wanting the other classes to benefit from a stat because you don’t want to drink a potion is on you, just don’t drink a potion if you don’t want to, others still want to get the most out of the stuff that’s available to them

If strength isn’t made useful then they might as well take it off the weapons and replace it with a stat which that class has a use for though I’d argue that strength should be meaningful for all classes as it’s already on weapons and has potions for that stat already


Yah if u only tank np, but first thought coming to my mind is what Rickness said… Many fights are not designed for shamans, but for ranged dps, so you constantly switch, using shaman for trash. Same with healers, there’s bosses which are done without since they take forever else. I switch classes 3 times in the raid, alone… and it’s not always clear which 2-3 shards we do for 1 hour so takin all potions for those playing multiple classes or heals is a standard.
PS: Shaman mostly useless at Sewer Slime and last raid boss is one thing, but I feel most uncomfortable with the “brought back” OG bosses, these are poorly adapted to the newer classes. Mistkeeper needs a group which is capable to do the orbs without each dps taking one, if one wanna play shaman. Groups without mages won’t likely manage to do this on higher levels. Oh and did you ever bard in mine first boss? Surprise, your dmg crescendos go right thru his feet, not even able to hit -.-

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I’ll bring it up and we can check if it’s intended. (For the strength part). I know a lot of things behind casting changed when the engine got updated for Reborn, I just don’t know if this was a deliberate one or not.


Thank you for checking to see if it’s intended or not, will that include checking the other classes and how strength does nothing for some of them or will it just be checking into mage side of this post?

To my knowledge runemage was the one that was supposed to have an impact on in the past, and adding a different effect to other classes that never had one is a different discussion entirely and a different task. We do appreciate the suggestions though, and we do like to read brainstorming like that on how they might be affected.

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Can you ask about if strength is supposed to do anything for shaman? Cause right now I don’t think it does and it seems weird that it’s the only class that it has no effect on (if mage is a bug and not an intentional change) I’m sure I’m not the only one that wants to know what strength is doing for shaman

If is intended to have no effect, you should consider changing the +strength weapons on the unefected classes to something else. A bit of a dosh move to give a bonus that douse nothing.


@Mathieu_D runic speed doesn’t work either so it’s a bug I’d imagine. Runemage Talent: Runic Speed doesn't appear to work

This bug was “mildly crushing” to me as I very much enjoyed the extra speed and would even opt to pick runic speed over runic diversity as a talent.

Seems weird to even have it on weapons at that point, even if it affects fishing, because you would frequently have runemages(for example) asking what strength does: nothing… but your wand helps you fish! Doesn’t make sense.


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