Suggestion/Request - Increase the Player-House Chest / Upgradable Player-house Chest Space



I doubt many folks are having this problem, but I’m very nearly out of space in the Player House Chest. Even with some inventory management (Keeping Orbs, keys, other weight 0 items, etc in my player inventory), it’s not going to take too much longer before I fill up the chest again.

So my request is please add a couple more tabs to the player house chest, or possibly make extra tabs purchasable by dram!


I’m running low on space too. It would be nice if we could purchase more slots for dram or something.


Elk pls stahp. U nid halp.


Elk is all full and here I am with 4 empty tabs. I think I need to start gathering or fishing. . .


Elk u can just give me some of your stuff :slight_smile: im mean, it looks like u dont need them anyway
but it would be great if we could collect until 200 or something. i dont thing this is a problem to change^^


Would love this. Would also like:

  1. Guild storage with logging of deposits and withdrawls and even a request feature that needs to be approved if set at that level
  2. More inventory weight because you know you want it!


Yeah I’m not totally sure what the long-term plan is here honestly. Quite frankly I thought 5 tabs and infinite weight would be enough to last quite a while.

Even the Player Chest itself isn’t meant to be “infinite”…at some point you are going to have to start selling or trading some of those items, basically.

But that said, I think we could probably offer a really expensive upgrade option of some sort. I’ll look into it.


At least it would take some dram out of circulation. Win win.


A really expensive upgrade option would be perfect. Even if it was just one or two more tabs.

Thanks for the reply!


You clearly underestimated Elk’s powers, Riley. He has also probably given away 50% of that again to new fishers also.


Just out of curiosity, what do you need the 1,000 of each fish stocked up for? Are you planning for the apocalypse and want to be ahead of the game?


You’ll notice Elk is low on the same thing as most luresmiths - eyeballs!!!


At this point, I’m just doing the long grind to 20. Doesn’t really matter what/where I fish, so I switch around for the change of scenery.


Elk what’s your favorite scenic fishing spot?


Some of the prettier fishing spots tend to be pretty lonely, and since I go for long hours, I try to hit up spots with a bit more foot traffic, for the sake of keeping sane.

The lake in front of Tradu Mines is a good one. Great view of the waterfall, purple flowers everywhere. Every so often, a group of level 20s pass by to adventure in the mines, usually folks I know. But no one else fishes there, so I sometimes end up going to Kingsport lake, just to fish with the lowbies. But that’s a beautiful spot in its own right. You have a perfect view of the sun setting, with the boats in the distance.

And bridge fishing is nice, both in Guild City, and on the bridge at The Corner Path. Run into more fisherfolk in Guild City, with plenty of foot traffic to and from the city itself.


Elk you may need to sell some stuff and end up with 20 million dram, and then buy stuff later. Honestly that amount of resources is insanely overwhelming.

I will say that I have you beat on herbs at least :smiley:


I have the same problem with the potion & fishing chest. Not the main storage chest though.


Bump. I am running outta space now as well and fear my gathering comes to a natural end soon :frowning: … I only found 10 dyes so far, but they take up 10 spots and since there are 30 new, individual items in the game we could use at least one more tab in the player house chest (if not more). Also the more classes you play the more armor and weapons you want to keep, right, with different affixes, magic (in case it ever becomes useful) and physical def and so on. Gathering, Fishing, Armor, Dyes, space is running out really fast now.

More tabs, pretty please :slight_smile:?


This is just an idea but they could make it that some houses have bigger chests. Therefore you have to buy specific houses for bigger chests. It would also motivate players to actually buy new houses. Those houses could also have a different interior design.


Il buy a new house. No don’t move my stuff :yum: