Suggestion/Request - Increase the Player-House Chest / Upgradable Player-house Chest Space



Let’s get some expanded player inventory weight while we are at it.

Right now the 5 tabs for player inventory makes the weight issue feel even worse.


Canz we haz more than onez main chest. For sorting and space purposes?

Also can there be a button to deposit directly into the chest when the chest GUI is open? Like on the player inv screen can there be a button to the right of the breakdown button to deposit it into chest, either in spots where it can or an new empty one, also have a deposit X amount of items. Oh! and while I’m at it, can we access the player worn equipment from the main chest? Why do I have to either remember to take off equipment prior or close menu, open up a similar menu, close that one and open the chest…


I haven’t had space for a while. I would also like to suggest added tabs to the chest that could be bought.


Added tabs would be awesome! Might I also suggest an option for us to rename the tabs, or give us a selection of symbols that we could assign to tab headers. If the symbol route is considered, being able to add more than one symbol would be amazing for those of us that are active organizers :wink:


Now that we have dyes, we need another player chest or more slots to put different dyes and colored armor. Please can we have more slots!! :grinning: