Suggestion/Request - Increase the Player-House Chest / Upgradable Player-house Chest Space



Let’s get some expanded player inventory weight while we are at it.

Right now the 5 tabs for player inventory makes the weight issue feel even worse.


Canz we haz more than onez main chest. For sorting and space purposes?

Also can there be a button to deposit directly into the chest when the chest GUI is open? Like on the player inv screen can there be a button to the right of the breakdown button to deposit it into chest, either in spots where it can or an new empty one, also have a deposit X amount of items. Oh! and while I’m at it, can we access the player worn equipment from the main chest? Why do I have to either remember to take off equipment prior or close menu, open up a similar menu, close that one and open the chest…


I haven’t had space for a while. I would also like to suggest added tabs to the chest that could be bought.


Added tabs would be awesome! Might I also suggest an option for us to rename the tabs, or give us a selection of symbols that we could assign to tab headers. If the symbol route is considered, being able to add more than one symbol would be amazing for those of us that are active organizers :wink:


Now that we have dyes, we need another player chest or more slots to put different dyes and colored armor. Please can we have more slots!! :grinning:


We really need more inventory space!

  1. Dyes have been added
  2. 10 new tiers of shard gear
  3. Potentially sacrificing shard gear to incrementally upgrade rolls on gear
  4. Quest items that cannot be destroyed and capes

I would like to see:

  1. Expanded player inventory. The game is expanding, people have 2+ classes now and that means 8-16 pieces of gear. Maybe add a dram cost to it? Or if they hit 20 on each class they expand their inventory by 10?
  2. Expanded chest tabs. Maybe make it 5-10k per tab?
  3. Perhaps an extra chest next to the Alchemy table?


Bumping this again, the game reaches a natural end for me, due to space, which isn’t very funny. I stopped all my resource farming already, except the most necessary, because gear and shard slots are more important. A group can never use all shards we get in one evening, and I don’t even know what to discard because we lack experience on what mutations are better or worse… now each single shard takes up 1 space, with 10 mutations so since friday there’s suddenly 70 different storable items in the game which don’t stack. Plus tons of new gear, weapons we are supposed to keep to boost them later and so on.

I feel like in 1-2 weeks there’s a point reached where I need to delete something every time I get something new, like, a new dye, a new shard, or a piece of gear, and run around encumbered additionally, all that is not very enjoyable.
Fine, I get by now I’m not supposed to farm and stock 2-3 stacks of each resource and fish like I planned :slight_smile: , but the endgame content and playing all classes, if possible, are the more important part of the game, for me, and if this becomes a matter of space also, then that’s just likely it.


You should only be getting a new shard if you don’t already have an existing one in your inventory, is that not what’s happening?


No, what I meant is the whole group gets one shard per kill, these are never used right away though, not even on same day, and when the group disbands or we got only “bad” shards which we can not or don’t want to level up now (due to group members or difficulty), we store our superfluous shards in the home chest. (And just in case that was not intended PLEASE let us store more than one there, just like it is now, because without having choices it’s entirely random if weaker guilds or those with limited time can progress at all.) The shards don’t stack though, not even those with same mutation/dungeon, so right now I got 6 shards I want to keep for later, and it adds up daily.

  • Capes
  • Pets
  • Special Backer Items
  • Starter Class Weapons
  • Shards
  • Harvested Plants
  • Harvested Ore
  • Fish
  • Potions
  • Tiles/Tilesets
  • Tablet Fragments
  • Shards
  • Armor (each class)
  • Rings (various types and affixes)
  • Weapons (each class, various affixes)
  • Quest Items
  • Keys (quest/house/access)
  • Dyes
  • Lures
  • Misc/Other

The original chest capacity was plenty but the game has been adding tons of new stuff since early access launch (which is awesome) which puts an increasing amount of pressure on our storage. The above list doesn’t include any significant amount of stockpiling or wanting to keep items based on potential future use.

I know it’s been brought up a ton but I really think this is strong opportunity for expansion via purchase, be it by dram or RMT or both.


Aside from more space in the player house chests, I would be very interested to see fellowship hall chests. A lot of what I have stocked is what I’m waiting to trade to guild members, and it’d make life a bit easier to simply put what I have in a shared chest instead of coordinate the trade.

Pardon to deviate from the topic a bit further, but to get fancy with fellowship storage ideas, I think it would be really neat if something like this could be done:

-Fish tank that displays fish stored inside (even if multiple sunfish, only one is seen swimming around, total one of each type of fish visible if at least one of each type is in the fishing chest)
In the fish storage chest may also be other tabs for lure ingredients or completed lures, displayed similarly to the player house lure table. Maybe like a display cabinet or on the wall by the fish tank?

-Harvestable items chest that maybe displays in appearance like a garden (or table, or display cabinet) and ditto for despite the number of a particular item inside, one is visible at a glance with the display

-others similarly done depending on type of item and how that could be translated into a neat display. I only had those two actually semi fleshed out in my head :sweat_smile:

Edit: I realized after the fact I didn’t have anything else fleshed out cause I was not the originator of either creative idea. Fish tank original idea credit goes to Sparky, and original garden idea goes to Daeresha. So, /bump for those threads

Also, what about crafting being possible in the fellowship hall? It would feel more communal if someone were making lures while another is making potions, etc, kinda working together on different things in the same space if anyone preferred that over crafting alone at home.

Add a guild chest to the guild hall

I like those ideas Airis, maybe they can be guild hall upgrades you can buy if you want more crafting stations or fish tanks or whatever.


When this post started i had lots of room but now that i have multi class gear of different stats and saving weapons for re-roll it is getting pretty cramped in the old chest.


@Airis Love the creativity here :slight_smile: Even as someone who deconstructs a lot of gear that I get (crap affixes/stats on weps/armor) I have an entire page dedicated to harvesting, fish, starter/useless gear that I keep, extra okay gear for each class, and a misc tab, and I am starting to run out of space very quickly. Introducing shards, stockpiling the level 1-3’s that I get is taking up a ton of space, and definitely would throw dram/money towards someone in guild city in order to expand on this.

Likewise, fellowship chest would be amazing for resource/fish storage (@Elk You better not fill up the entire thing once we get one -_-) or trading purposes… :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree to more space or a second chest. As more items are added in game we will need more space to put the stuff. Granted 3 pages of 100 fish each slot is a bit excessive, lol, but to each his own. I understand we are meant to trade/sell/craft with the items but there remains the bottom line… more in game content means more space needed.

new armors for each class

To some, this is a type of “status” and or collectable, or a personal achievement.


I can’t imagine my chest after the Pet Breeding patch… i hope you’ll add more space by that time :laughing:


Shiki remember what I said about your dragon! Can’t wait for the pet patch

I ended up sharding most of my epics to free up space. As someone who sort of “lazy gathers” even I’m running out of space. I have 1 full tab filled with quest items and backer rewards. Do we need any quest items for act 3 besides that red book? (Various door keys, into the wilds items, etc)


What items do you have left over from questing? if you would get me a list I’ll tell you for sure if you do or dont need them.


I believe the two I have are the puzzle box and the book.


I’d need to really look, but I have all the quest keys (archive, jail, etc), guardian ring, every quest item from into the wilds, the red book, the diluvian cube, umm not sure what else yet. Plus we can’t delete our beginner weapons so that’s 4 slots