Suggestion: Toggle an expanded inventory screen

I’m a new player and I don’t know what all of the icons in the inventory are yet. I’m forever hovering over arrows, orbs and armour to work out what they are and compare them. The current system only lets me see one item’s description and stats at once, and often I accidentally switch items instead of just hovering over them.

My suggestion is to have an option within the inventory screen to toggle all of the tooltips on all of the items on, at once. Together with this, you’d need to expand the scale of the screen to have the room to do this. VR has lots of room all around the player, and I’d love to be able to have 180-360 degrees of UI open at once so I can more easily compare items.

I think you could do it dynamically, calculating the size of tooltips, placing them next to or below each item and just making the grid get as big as it needs to get to prevent overlapping.

At the moment, your inventory screen is based very much on flat screen rpg design. Many of your other UI designs are more natively suited to VR (wave to talk to NPC, the Warrior’s horn, the compass, the journal, the sheathing and unsheathing of weapons). Inventory management is important in MMOs and I think you’ve got a chance to improve the current system. My suggestion is just using the fact that VR has a much bigger area in which to place a hovering UI, and you could use more area to make more information visible at once.

A few secondary suggestions would be:

  1. The ability to filter by slot selected on your character: i.e to show only arrows or orbs.
  2. Auto sort inventory: by rarity, worth, tradeability, type etc
  3. Auto equip armor based on your weapon: so when i switch classes I don’t have to manually swap armor out
  4. Auto-equip new armor if not wearing any armor in that slot.

That’s all I have for inventory screen idea for now. I loved my first 3 hours with the game and hope to keep providing feedback.


Nice post. I think those are some great ideas for inventory management

Hey there, thanks for the great/detailed feedback! Wrote it down and we’ll take a look at the suggestions.
The UI is still early and definitely could use some work and we’ll see what we can improve in the future.


I had the same problems at the topic creator

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