Suggestions for balance

Suggestion: Have Warrior shield provide a 75%-90% damage reduction in PVP based on shield size.

Reason: The shield is a HUGE part of the class, and if it can’t block attacks, the Warrior is missing an essential part of what it is. Make the shield give a buff to the player and have Warrior be somewhat useful in PvP as a Tank that can soak tons of hits. Has to keep the shield out to keep the buff.

Suggestion: Make True Affliction allow 3 stacks of fire/frost. Allow Arcane Explosion to stack more than 1 stack of DoTs spread.

Reason: True Affliction is significantly under utilized compared to Affinity. Allowing mages to stack more than 1 Fire/Frost DoT and have Arcane Explosion spread those stacks (each Explosion spreading 1 stack, so multiple Arcane Explosions necessary) will increase damage, encourage more spell variety, offer a competitive alternative way to play the class, and give slower casting mages a solid Talent choice if they’re not able to spam cast.

Suggestion: Ranger Darkness Arrow gives a debuff to all enemies within it, and Spread Arrow applies a debuff to all hit. Improve Spread Arrow damage.
Reason: These arrows are not utilized in end game content. Having a variety of choices ensures replayability :slight_smile:


Alternative solution for Warrior:

  • Give a 250% damage boost or something to small shield warriors. Would give the opportunity to make warrior a high mobility decent damage class in PvE using sword dash, but would still need to be near an enemy for an extended amount of time to do a complete wound combo to kill. Making wound 1-shot a cloth class wouldn’t be OP whatsoever, as most classes already do that from range.

I mostly want this for PvE, though.


Yes we need these! Also for warrior in pvp I would love to see it get a small speed boost so then you can actually catch up to the people your fighting. Currently what I’ve found is to completely counter warrior in pvp is you just simply walk backwards and the warrior can’t do anything about it so a speed boost to it (again doesn’t need to be that big) would help a lot!!


250% would be too small. That would put wound combos on par with a single fireball.

Then just make it 1 shot leather. However much damage that would be. Obviously, not in PvE though.

For PvE, I think increasing damage by a ton when NO shield is equipped would be awesome. Melee DPS.

i think it’s fine. if i can do about 19k dps unpotted without dps talents, dps talents will just make it better. maybe 300% but i think that boost would be fine. bleed needs to not overwrite itself tho.

don’t forget shaman! orbs need to stay in the air when totems are dropped and we need a 5th totem slot.

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There’s so many things I could have reiterated (shaman orbs spawning immediately, not despawning orbs on new totem placement, uncap rap, bard tiles, warrior damage buff etc) but I think they get the point on those ends lol. The community is very clear on where we stand on those issues. It’s just a matter of the devs deciding if it’s worth the time/investment to make those changes. Now I’m offering more for them to look at to hopefully make a BUNCH of changes in one patch :smiley:

I thought about this before, but at the end of the day I think the ability to use the small shield is more interesting. Without it, it’s more of a spam-wound type of class, but adding the shield allows a little bit of versatility by taking a hit for the tank, or using a shield bash to make it slightly more interesting.

Small shield is only for DPS anyways, so making it viable for dps would be cooler. Otherwise, you either run no shield or big shield as small shield is stuck permanently sucking for both DPS and tanking.

Doesn’t matter for PvP though.


New idea:
Make spread arrow a spread of like, 20 arrows. Or something more akin to a horizontal spray of arrows. Currently it’s difficult to aim and not utilized :slight_smile:

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seems fine to me/j

What’s fine?

spread arrow

How’d you pull off 5 hits with a spread arrow from 30 meters?

magic. you’d know mr magician :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Just to be clear, you’re claiming that spread arrow in its current form is balanced?

no that’s why i said /j (joke). pretty good shotgun effect if you have 6 globes tho

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