Taking new questions for the next Dev Q&A!

Hey everyone, it’s been a while since the last Q&A blog, and we’re looking to do a new one this week. If there’s something you’d like to ask the team about Orbus, we’d like to hear new questions and we’ll pick some that we can answer in the next Q&A post.



It was previously mentioned that one of the plans for recurring income was the annual release of DLC.

When will we see the Rise of Rupert DLC?


What, if any, feelings do the devs have about the state of PvP?


What are your plans for the Forsaken Isle? Will things like public events, missions and story line quests be added to this area? What will you do to make this engaging for end game players so they don’t lose interest quickly?

Are there any plans for shards past level 15?

Do you think that you will add any new dungeons to the game?

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One of the classes teased during the Kickstarter was Monk. There were also “other” classes teased as well. Now that the classes are fairly well balanced are there plans to include more classes?


Previously it was mentioned that after the number balancing, the dev team would look at reworking some of the talents in game.

When will this start, and what can we as the community do to help?


Is it at all possible that we’ll see some extra game modes or party sizes to battlegrounds to spice it up a little?

Also, could we get some more dragon races? They wouldn’t necessarily need missions tied to them, just a fresh few races to experience for fun


[1] When will knuckle support, if not in 3 parts (spell angles, & strafing/turning movement on the wand hand, teleporting with wand-hand using joystick click in) be added? :stuck_out_tongue: This could seem like a small deal but it’s actually really dragging me down as a mage.

[2] What’s next for Orbus after these hard mode raids? (boss 1 seems relatively consistent now! boss 2 is still a murder race but the non-insta kill pools makes him very completable, boss 3 is basic coordination like boss 1 [but has a TPK problem with crashed players], and boss 4 is an unknown to me because people take too many breaks ;[ )

[3] Other VRMMOs, even other VR games, are reaching alpha stage and bringing fresh ideas. With legs and arms! Any plans to revamp Orbus gameplay & immersion to spice things up? Mostly around: sound/music, world design, world interaction, combat, crafting, and questing.

[4] Any plans to expand the dev team?

[5] Any strategies to pull in new funding or players?


Are there any plans to upgrade the servers do to an expanding player base.

What is the eta on the new mute/block features.

On more than one occasion I have heard about issues with fellowship ownership and there being no possibility for transfer is this going to be addressed in the future.

With the talent revamp question already being asked I just want to ask with talents already available that have not worked since I played the game are these ever going to get fixed/work as intended.


One of the big draws in Preborn was the variety of the different zones; we had a desert, an arctic area, the jungle was full of dense trees, the plains…are there any plans to release new zones that have distinct and different climates?

While the different zones are cool, all except the Wastelands still have a similar feel. This could be why Preborn felt so much larger than Reborn does. While we may travel between zones often, they all have that “same climate, same temperature, not too far from town” feel. Contrast this with Preborn Highsteppe feeling like it was spring, the desert being dry with the jungle being humid, the burning forest (Wenderwood?) feeling like it’s very hot with the Frozen Spit being cold (and the necropolar being so cold as to deal environmental damage!!).


Preborn had some really cool hidden areas such as the temple in the jungle, the temple above the waterfall near Highsteppe, the Tradu dungeons behind the waterfall in Lamavora. Will we see the return of such RPG classics as hidden areas like those?

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Hey devs… how are you doing?

Is Riley still alive?


How does it feel to be the group of people who have produced the single greatest piece of entertainment media in all of history?

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Currently the damage from a Ranger’s charged arrow is applied BEFORE the interrupt, whereas Scoundrel’s charged shot damage is applied AFTER the interrupt.

What this means is that if a Ranger interrupts a Link Shield, we do 0 damage from one of our strongest abilities. Can you please, please fix this. Using the Trap from 30 meters isn’t viable, and having to sacrifice my spike damage for the sake of an interrupt when nobody else has to kinda sucks.


What is being done about the (I assume) server instabilities that lead to frequent black boxing and crashing?

Also, a couple of, hopefully, simple suggestions. Could we add Capes to the list of things that can go into the furniture trunks so we can display them? And could we get the ability to write notes for ourselves in the journal (or somewhere that is accessible in-game). Unlike previous gaming, VR does not lend itself to checking your notebook.


Forget about rise of rupert. When we getting the Helga’s airship dlc?

And whats the devs favourite npc?
I want to see at least 1 vote for helga or i wont play orbus for a whole 5 minutes


Is Riley still actively involved with OrbusVR? Is he back working on Roll20? I want to know whether I should curse his name when I experience a bug in Orbus, Roll20, or both :laughing:

How do the devs feel about the state of endgame content and gear progression, and what players are supposed to do after experiencing all the content in Orbus?

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1 how big is e castle in the sky why can’t we see it what does it look like what happens to it now that stephotp is dead

2 are scavs really bad guys in orbus or are we the bad guys to them

3 (already answered)

4 is lances highsteppe press cannon

5 what was stephotps motive/ what did he want in the castle

6 are you already thinking of the next dlc

7 (already answered)

8 what made the mobs on the island so powerful and where they are to far away to get affected by the radiation

9 in the edge of nowhere is nowhere referring to the void that was made when the universes split

10 why are there necro mobs like what’s the lore

11 is it true the gods of chaos aren’t bad guys they just accidentally do bad things that are only bad from our prospective

12 what happened to ma’at and B’aal (the makers of realm of order and realm of chaos)

13 is huthines basin the nechropolors

I copy and pasted them from my notes so some are already answered


Dram seems to be super easy to obtain with even a little work put into it, do you have any money sinks planned aside from what you have now (Dragon mount and Dram mount)? I’m sure there are a lot of people sitting on a lot of money with nothing worthwhile to spend it on, might stimulate the economy some more if we give people a reason to earn more dram again.