Talisman for Sorc

While I was playing in the last stress test, I happened to have a chance to be with a group attacking some mobs. I was spamming fire and ice bolts as fast as I could gesture! One thing that occurs to me is that the time it takes to “gesture” counts as a “global cooldown”. It brought back to memory a technique used in different games for leveling the sorc role; at a certain level, we get a “Talisman”. A book or object that we hold in our off hand. In this game, that could be obtained at level 15-20 (assuming a level 50-60 cap) and used to allow gesturing with the off hand while point/aiming with the wand. Or vice versa depending on what is more comfortable for the user. This should enable slightly faster casting, providing a slightly higher dps value. And it would remove the irritation of having to re-aim after every gesture, which is what takes the extra split second.
I have no doubt that you guys have already thought of this, but I just had to mention it, just in case! :smiley:

I love being on the cutting edge of this stuff but waiting is driving me nuts!
ps: I’m working on a technique for getting 26 hours out of 24 but I’m not having much luck, yet! :cry:

I like the idea of an off-hand Item for mages. I have more ideas for mages also that I will explain in here. (Mage Tools and Stuff)