Teleport Clamp to Edge


I often find myself wanting to teleport as far away as possible, and frustrated when I try to teleport just out of my range, and nothing happens at all.

Could we get an option where if we try to teleport past the limits of our range, we just teleport to the maximum range?


As an option would be fine but it could cause some cheap deaths on a boss like raid boss 5 who you need a lot of stamina really quickly to get out of the aoe if your in the center


I believe you didn’t understand Liam. He is referring to when you WANT to teleport to max range, but in your haste you whip the teleport marker outside the teleport box range and it goes red and will do nothing when you let it go. He’s not asking for a “Teleport at max range all the time” option.


I believe you’re talking about the same thing @Justin posted about a while back

Change the way Player teleporting works


No i understood perfectly, im just saying that it could cause the cheap deaths such as teleporting max range by missing the ground and not having enough stamina to dodge an aoe.


Oh, I’ve never “missed the ground” and really only found the outer bounds to be the issue.