The Attoric - Fellowship Recruitment

The Attoric
Imagine a vast group of members all performing a wide variety of tasks for a common goal, Wealth, Power, and Fame. The Attoric are an elite group of high class Merchants taking over the trading enterprise and occasionally helping out others. We will accept orders for large bulk orders of materials for those who enjoy creation potions, or even run a business doing so.

Interested in purchasing from us?
If you are interested in purchasing items not found in our marketstall (located in highsteppe with the red roof, right across the street from the player house.) or interested in buying items in very large quantities please contact me here, on discord My username is SaneGaming#2791 or find me or a fellow member in-game.

We will be in need of a large amount of players to assist with the collection of resources, doing dungeons and raids to acquire rare loot and to act as sales agent. We will utilize a discord server for communication, and organizing events.

If you are interested in joining please fill out the following form:
(we use this to help organize applications and quickly read through them.)

  1. DirtDog
  2. NO ONE!
  3. Pacific Standard Time
  4. RuneMage for PVE Ranger For PVP
  5. Artificing
  6. I like to craft stuff in games so it seems like this would be a good fit.

My question for you is now active are you going to be?

  1. Sno
  2. n/a
  3. EST
  4. RuneMage
  5. Potions, and my favored form of content is PVE
  6. I want to be on the winning team

Side note, I’d like to have an interview before I commit to anything

Hello, DirtDog. Thank you for your application you have been accepted! I plan on being very active as I really enjoy leading communities. Outside of work I only play games. I will send you a message with our discord link in a moment!

Sure not a problem, mind sending me a discord friend? SaneGaming#2791
-Update: After the interview we had you are accepted! Welcome!

  1. Ingame name will be Baka
  2. I recruited myself
  3. JST
  4. Will be focusing on every production class, mainly artificer and fisher
  5. Role would probably be production focused, decdicated crafter and such
  6. I want to join because I’m interested in how things would turn out in a commerce production guild.

I’m available for an interview if it’s needed too. Just need to get a good time for it~

Edit: I do have one question, is it fine if I’m only active at certain times of the day/week as schooling is hard on me too~

Hello Baka,
Can you estimate how many hours per day or per week that you will be in-game for? I wouldn’t mind as much but with only 10 slots I would prefer to get fairly active members to level the fellowship up as fast as possible, I hope you understand. Other than that we would love to have you :slight_smile:

  1. Dreks
  2. Saw the form post
  3. Central Time Zone UTC-06:00
  4. Warrior
  5. Raid and collocations team
  6. Sword for hire, I like to tank and loot for supplies

Hello Casey,
I have read your post and have accepted your application! Welcome to The Attoric! I will send you a message with a discord invite shortly.

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  1. space
  2. Read the posting and want to help!
  3. Eastern Standard Time Zone (UTC -5)
  4. Still undecided as I am testing them all!
  5. Raiding, leveling and grinding for loot
  6. While I am new to the game (just started on the open beta) I am eager to team up with a good group to better the cause!

Hello Space,
I have read your post and have accepted your application! Welcome to The Attoric! I will send you a message with a discord invite shortly.

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We currently have 3 more slots open - if you are not accepted into the initial group but still would like to join after we hit level 2 please don’t be afraid to post anyways. I appreciate everyone’s interest into this fellowship and hope to be as successful as I am picturing.

-See you all in-game,

Over the weekend you can expect upwards of 8-10 hours but on the weekday it’ll drop to around 4 or 5. On he 15th I will be on from the start to end hopefully for 12 hours nonstop :slight_smile:

That should work just fine! I have sent you a message with the relevant information!

Please use the following template to post a reply and I will send you a discord link if accepted!

  1. The ingame name you will be using
  2. Who recruited you? (Forums, Discord, or personsname)
  3. What is your timezone?
  4. What class will you be?
    runemage or archer
  5. What role are you most interested in?
    :policeman: officiary
  6. Why are you interested in joining?
  • 10 years of raiding in wow in world top 50 guilds.
  • leadership experience if needed.
    i have a merchant account if needed to be utilized.
    i enjoy making lots of IGC.
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Hello J11,
Sulon has read your post and has accepted your application! Welcome to The Attoric! I will send you a message with a discord invite shortly.

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We have a couple slots open still if anyone is interested in joining!

  1. UnrivalledSuperHottie (I know I know, but I still think its a funny name)

  2. Well, you through this forum post!

  3. GMT+0000

  4. Ranger or Runemage not sure just yet

  5. I like fishing, gathering, alchemy any challenging content and PvP.

  6. I am most curious how a guild like ours would operate, I feel like this is a big opportunity to help each other out with selling and buying stuff considering the competitive and localised nature of markets in Orbus

  7. I am quite active and play frequently when I have the free time, planning to play a bit everyday when the game comes out.

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You have been accepted! Welcome to The Attoric! I will send you a message with a discord invite shortly.

You also have been accepted! I will send you a message with a discord invite shortly.

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