The Attoric - Fellowship Recruitment

Hi my Name is ZedXenon
I am in eastern standard time zone
I play rune mage and Warrior
I want to sell potions and other good items at a fair price as well as do sume adventuring
And I want to join for the fun and to get good gear wile helping out

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  1. Maalik
  2. Elk posted the link to this forum post in the Orbus discord.
  3. Central Time Zone.(CST)
  4. I will most likely main the Rune Mage and or Musketeer. But I’m willing to be anything that’s needed at the time.
  5. Just willing to help out in anyway needed :wink:
  6. I think It’ll be nice to join a fellowship and meet others, sounds like fun! :smile:
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  1. Gumy
  2. This post
  3. Mountain Standard Time (UTC -7)
  4. Musketeer and Rune Mage.
  5. Gather materials, fishing and making potions.
  6. This sounds pretty exciting and i love making stuff so i wanna help and reach the max level as a fisherman
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  1. The ingame name you will be using? Sikvicious
  2. Who recruited you? I did
  3. What is your timezone? EST
  4. What class will you be? Ranger
  5. What role are you most interested in? Bringer of death… and loot. But definitely death.
  6. Why are you interested in joining? Looking for a very active fellowship. I myself am a stay at home dad so plan to be on quite a bit. Zed and I had an agreement that I would solely sell him my materials at reasonable prices. I’d prefer to give them to him for free, for services that I may need down the line for free. Plus fun! :smiley:
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Not your working dog anymore.

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2)No one and saw on forums
3)Central time zone
4)Rune Mage
5)Role: Assisting in anyway possible once strong enough
6)In order to establish good companionship and be the best

  1. The ingame name you will be using
  2. Who recruited you? (Forums, Discord, or personsname)
    James on Discord - dont hold that against me
  3. What is your timezone?
  4. What class will you be?
  5. What role are you most interested in?
    Raiding and maybe pvp if that takes off
  6. Why are you interested in joining?
    Buddy is joining and said the leader here is in-line with what we’re looking for.

^ This is one of my friends I was telling you about.

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We have reached our member cap. If you are still interested in joining after we are able to level up our fellowship we would be more than pleased to have you!

Attoric Leader

Thank you very much and hope that happens ^^

  1. Sirus
  2. Myself
  3. Eastern standard
  4. Musketeer
  5. Healer/gatherer.
  6. I want a guild that i can flourish in. I’m a gamer who has all the freetime in the world to be active.

Hello! We would love you have you join our ranks! I will send you a detailed Message with discord information so we can get you invited to the fellowship and explain how some things work.

Hello, we have leveled our fellowship up and are accepted more members, if you are still interested please send me a message and I can get you the needed info!

We are currently looking for the following roles:

Healer: 2/4
Warrior: 2/5
RuneMage: 2/2
Ranger: 4/4

I’d love to apply!

  1. Venelos
  2. ZedXenon on discord referred me to you guys.
  3. CST
  4. Warrior
  5. Tanking (and maybe healing if I get my musketeer high enough)
  6. The idea of being a mercenary seems pretty neat, but more than anything, I’d want to join a fellowship that has a fair bit of active members to just kinda have fun with.

Yes i am still interested

Hey ya im still interested for sure.

We have quite a few spaces open if you are still interested in joining! Please remember that we are looking for active members that are semi-serious.

I’m interested, assuming there’s still space.

  1. dissonance
  2. this forum + orbus community discord
  3. US Central
  4. warrior main
  5. helping with dungeon/raid as tactician-leaning tank
  6. controlling the spice, occasionally helping others, joining one of the first active fellowships in the game
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Sorry for the bother but could you please use the new recruitment form. Thanks!