The Attoric - Fellowship Recruitment



Sorry, will do. Was planning on applying yesterday but got called away. Get that to you soon.


You have been accepted! I have sent you details via Discord DM!


The ingame name you will be using

Who recruited you? (Forums, Discord, or personsname)
No one

What is your timezone?

What class will you be?

What role are you most interested in?
Crafting and selling, mostly with Artificing once I get it.

Why are you interested in joining?
Description sounds like a place where I can get a good market set up for my wares :slight_smile:


Hello please use the new Google form, it make it much easier for us to track and there are updated questions as the old template was made in beta.


We have a few more slots left!


I don’t want to join the fellowship but are you willing to have independent gatherers?


Yes, we have a channel for that in our discord. Please join and we can work out specifics.


We now have more slots for members!! We are looking for people who will be dedicated and active! Please apply and if I don’t reach out to you within 48 hours please message me! (Also please be sure I can find you on discord as that is where I reach out to applicants!)


I have messaged everyone on discord who has applied, I will check new applications in the coming days after I get these guys sorted out, thanks for all your support everyone :slight_smile:


We are now open for more recruits! Message me here if you don’t hear from me after 24 hours of waiting!


The Attoric is making a return, I will be making some improvements to the OrbusMarketplace website as well as creating a structure for a business like service Attoric will be doing.
If you are interested in joining the team submit and application and message me on discord.


Recently sent an application in on the website provided above. Should I send it on here as well or is this guild dead?


I shall take a look.