The Orbus Shard Dungeon Accomplishment Thread


Haha, kamina finally got the legendary loot he always dreamed of.


Whoever made the musketeer armor…

We need to have a talk… :sleepy:


Definitely not feeling the new armor thus far. Maybe the 2nd set will look better.





Here is an image from that old thread the artist used to use.



That’s terrible!!!:tired_face:


The new musketeer armor is kind of awful. :sob:

I hope the s6 and above armor doesn’t look anything like this.


I’ve only got shoulder and chest armor for warrior, but the shoulder looks awful! xD I’ll take a picture when I get online :slight_smile:


So this is what the warrior chest plate and shoulder plate looks like… IMO it does not resemble how a warrior should look like at all, but it could be because I couldn’t get my hands on a new helm :smiley:


I have but 3 words to describe my thoughts on the new warrior armour: Nice PFD, McFly!

So, we’re going to need a lot of red and orange dyes for all the warriors who want to join the PFD Club.


EK Cleared the level 6 in time! Here’s the T7 shard:


Wow, that’s impressive. Congrats on the first T6 clear.


Great job guys. Are y’all running the 7 tonight? Would love to see it.


Tier 7 is locked at the moment. Even if it were unlocked, we would probably be waiting until tomorrow for our guaranteed drops, as we used them on this run. New mage hat looks amazing imo! :smiley:


Tier 7 should not be locked anymore, sorry for not communicating that sooner. Just FYI.


Just saw your other post, super excited! :smiley:


Did you manage to knock this one out in the end? Looks tough!


We haven’t attempted it yet. Aggressive is really broken at high level shards. Throws off the tank shield rotation so we’re almost guaranteed to eat a tank buster. Various strategies have all come up short by 30%. Hopefully the next major mutation isn’t so ridiculous.

Our current strat is farm t6s as long as they aren’t aggressive. Maybe the t6 gear will be good enough to take t7 tank busters lol


yeah lol. same deal for us.


another issue is getting a crit hit for some of the bosses, it can almost take down a tank from full health if you are unlucky :smiley: