The Orbus Shard Dungeon Accomplishment Thread


gotta have mad skills on musky shield timing. :smiley:


Enter Decoy
Hi guys


Hah yeah musk orb won’t save me t6 or t7. It’s ridiculous. You have no idea the weird strats we tried to make it work lol. T6 is actually really easy without the aggressive mutation. That 25% attack speed on bosses makes my shield almost useless and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to make it work. Diminish returns ensures I get hit by an unlucky tank buster at some point during the fight even with a frost 3+ hamstring. Too many things can glitch and go wrong it isn’t worth wasting time on aggressive. Everything else is borderline too easy


Mana shield + shield orb is useless vs a last stand tank buster. Hell a regular tank buster will get through if I’m not at 100% hp when it hits


we experienced the pain of last stand. The feels are real.


Yeah I’m suspecting the devs gave us last stand to gate us. Next majors should be much easier. Both our guilds should reach t10 if we choose dungeons/ minors carefully


I recon so! Really cant wait to see what pops up next :smiley:


For some bosses I’ve managed to figure out how to handle aggressive, but the issue is not just my shield, but the cooldown on the healing orbs as well :smiley:


Right, there are some bosses that are easy regardless of minor, but the shards we got were TM lol the mechanics are tricky enough at high levels. We beat a t6 jungle with 9 minutes to spare with aggressive. Really depends on the bosses.


I think we are good on Skywalk for example… But every single tier 6 shard we have got in the last 2 days has rolled either Lab or Crypt :rofl: … Kinda annoying. (Actually we didnt even attempt crypt yet… )


What was the boss that this issue came up on? Just so I can get an idea when I use my next lower tier aggressive shard.


J, you are good on Skywalk, I’m not, I freaking hate Squiddie xD


I thought this was your favourite boss and you liked to run backwards the whole fight? :rofl:


We failed a t7 squiddie aggressive due to its already fast attack speed, glitching adds inside walls and the boss itself, 1 shot add aoe for what we miss, not enough room to kite with frost + hamstring + diminishing returns. Poison 2 shots so 1 poison and a basic attack crit kills a tank. At last stand a basic 1 shot me. Don’t underestimate skywalk lol

We were jumping for joy when i got the shard. Missed “aggressive” and totally regret starting it


Yes Squiddie is a trash bag. RnGesus cannot protect you from him.


:rofl: When we first realized how fked aggresive was we had a similar reaction ahaha


The main issue is how buggy squiddie is. The adds will hide inside the walls and inside the boss. The poison doesn’t always disappear. Without glitchy boss mechanics rng it’s possible. It’s even possible without aggressive. The bugs aren’t a big deal with a basic non-shard squiddie but they’re a dealbreaker at high shards. We could consistently trigger last stand but some bug or other always screwed us


Have you tried T6 desert dungeon? It’s all good up to the final boss, but when it reaches 30% health, there is nothing you can do, 1 poison will kill everyone almost instantly lol and there is nothing you can do to prevent it


We beat t6 desert with 12 minutes to spare lol. They nerfed it hard. Only the TM dungeons are a challenge now.


Did they nerf last stand? Or the rate at which you get poisoned? Because when we attempted t6 desert. It seemed that once we reached below 30% the rate on how often we got poisoned shot through the roof.