The Orbus Shard Dungeon Accomplishment Thread


If someone is curious about the full ranger Spiro set (i really love the gloves):


T7 completed!


now just to burn that T8


Grats guys, what’s the 8.


TM Forest and because of min text limit


Not the worse, I think y’all will beat it. Getting ever closer to that brutal mutation.


Congrats. Updated on the armory to reflect the real time left:


Tradu Mines: Crypt puts a hard stop to progression in shards. Ran 3 level one shards because the first 2 gave crypt and our team composition just isn’t capable of dealing with it.

What’s the highest tier crypt that’s been completed in the time limit?


i have 3-4 level 5 and 6 crypts in my bag. After hearing that ads are 2 shotting people, I havent really bothered attempting it. @Riley_D maybe the soulkeeper ads are tuned a little bit too hard :smiley: ? This is speculative. I havent tried it myself but I trust EKs reports.


Tradu crypt SK can be rough and could probably use some more tuning, but when I was getting killed in what felt like 2 shots, could have been more as we had the aggressive and mobile mutation for a t7 which made it chaos. The biggest problem I was having was not being able to cast spells reliably as soon as we had 2+ adds. Can’t figure out why the spell lines were disappearing when there is a lot of action going on. We gave up pretty quickly, but if we stuck it out longer, we probably could have beat it. (definitely no where close to the 30 min)


just beat T8


Wow congrats guys. That’s awesome.


Nice one! I see your setup on the armory. Did you all roll ranger?