The Return of the Backbug

Can we get backbug back as a shard affix? It has been temporarily taken out of the rotation a while back when it appeared like two months in a row, but I am starting to miss it now.




Please bring it back

If you disagree, you’re bad at videogames



Guess I’m bad #NOTalways

wait no Kefka it’s just a joke! :pensive:


and uh, if you disagree… well you’re entitled to your opinion

I know it’s a joke.

Back Bug has been added back into the rotation.


maybee, just maybee the golden egg affix :pleading_face:

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I mean we could


preferably in a fixed state lol, last time it was like proper broken.

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I am all for back bug but at least disabled it for bosses

oh my god please. Do you have any idea how easy most end game players consider shard 15s currently?

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I have no idea. Me curious. With and without mage groups. How easy is it?

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