The Wilds Zone!

The wilds was an amazing feature of OG orbus and lots of people had tons of fun with it. After doing some asking around the community and thinking, I feel like the wilds would be a very beneficial zone/place to re add to the game. Now, the wilds was not perfect and did consist of flaws and bugs but I feel like it could be fixed and brought back. The first issue that I run into is not finding enough people for pvp. The world is gigantic and there are many zones and the battlegrounds queue takes a while to finally get in to due to the lack of players willing to try it out. So me and other players find our selves waiting hours to get into 1 BG match. A Semi-small zone where everyones pvp is enabled could be a fun place to be where more open world organized pvp events could occur rather then just in BG. I also feel like pvp players who have spent time in it should be rewarded more than a couple of transmogs and titles. This meaning we could bring back the aberrations (or similar) to the wilds zone. The aberrations could drop more exclusive pvp dyes, transmogs, and maybe even something like the J-ball from old orbus just in the wilds zone though. This way pvp players can get rewarded but without the complaints of PVE players saying they are being forced to pvp (not throwing shots either just suggesting). It would also encourage others to give pvp a try and get used to it. There is a lot more that would have to be done and thought out but as I have stated after speaking with a few members of the community most have agreed they would like to see a wilds zone return or even multiple! This could cater to the pvp community making pvp easier to find and funner to do as occasional guild vs guild pvp events could occur.

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To be honest… There is not even enough people signing up for PvP right now to warrant additional open zones for PvP… Plus the fact that the whole overworld is basically a wilds zone now.


If people wanted to they could organise a event for pvp at any time in the overworld. Nothing is holding you back. Would say that the battlegrounds is the intro for it already.

If you just want a area that forces you into pvp that’s probably not a good idea.

Risk and gain in pvp is like this:
You risk your stuff
Your potential gain is there stuff, honor, and extera xp.

That said pvp only mobs would be hilarious to see. Would look like random suicide for anyone with pvp off, and would be fun to use to your advantage in pvp.

Not necessarily, they are aberrations which people would use groups for like old orbus if you ever went to the wilds… And as I have stated if you are a pve player and dont want to pvp stay that way then this is not forcing you to enter its an addition to the people who want to constantly pvp.

The point was made by many in the community to not gate harder PvE content such as abberations in a PvP zone and certain fish required for PvE. if you want PvErs to ‘not be forced to enter’ then you cant just ‘bring back the wilds’ there is a reason that this was not brought forward.

Abberations: Yes please
elite mobs for soloing: Yes please
PvE content gated by PvP content: No thanks.


Diddent mean only for pvp, I just want some nasty pvp mobs with a aoe attack that pve players can’t interact with, in order to use them in pvp

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Also I would like the lightning to strike pvp-players, randomly. That would be very much fun to stream by pve players (also can place bets who gets struck next) and make a good use of the weather effects, finally! scnr :smile:

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I did not mean for them to not be able to enter I meant it as if you dont want pvp nor do you like it then thats your opinion. But other people that do enjoy going for every item in the game and enjoy pvping and love the risk of going out into to a zone where pvp in enabled for everyone and not knowing wether you will run into somebody nice or scary. People loved that risk they even stated this in a lot of threads pre-reborn about the wilds.

This sounds like an extremely funny idea :rofl:


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Lol like the Thunder plains in FF10! That sounds great.

maybe just one small area instead of 3 that you must have pvp enabled to enter, drops that you can only get in the pvp zone and some cool loot from it

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I like this idea, one wilds will allow more people to be inside of that one but it will be very clumpy depending on the groups. But I miss the old guild vs guild kinda pvp. In particular miss the pugs groups vs EK that I would do but that is besides the point. I hope that a new zone for the wilds could be somehow implemented.


Maybe this thread can get some more discussion from veteran pvpers and people that did alot of people pre-orbus. I want to see for the most part who was really a fan of the wilds vs open world pvp.

Solidly in the category of open world pvp here. As a pve player, the wilds just ended up being forced pvp to gather items necessary for pve.


That is true until the end of orbus when potions dropped in dungeons. But my counter idea to this would be to make cosmetic item drops instead of ingredients and other items that “force PVE players to pvp.” I would suggest items such as transmogs, more dyes, maybe special mounts or pets, and it would accompany the new “Trickster Goblin” idea that is going to be implemented, as from my understanding people are not a fan of the random spawn as it will take away the main point of it which is a massive group vs group battle until it dies out. 90% who ever gets the chest they will most likely pot away ( invis, speed, heal) or run to a safe zone if that has not been fixed yet.

YES please tradable rare pet/mounts/transmogs! use honor rank system to avoid loot abuse

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The wilds sounds like fun again.


I would consider redownloading and playing again if they had the wilds.

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