This Week's Major Mutations


For future Shard Dungeon runs beginning now, the active Major Mutations for this week will be:

Unstable: When monsters die, they explode, dealing damage in an area around the monster to all nearby creatures (including both Players and other enemies).

Sickness: There is a chance every time that you attack an enemy to receive a debuff which causes you to receive reduced healing. Stacks up to 5 times.


Major Mutations change?

just to make sure, neither of those mutations work on bosses, correct?


Sickness is active all the time, with the exception of boss minions and mechanics (but the boss itself will still trigger it). Unstable will not explode on Bosses or their minions.


Going to be a tough week.


and the Debuffs never wear off like vindictive?


The Debuff does wear off, it is applied to the player not the monster. It is also decursable.


hmm i see, well rip any boss that jumps between players or has adds, as they just became 10x more difficult and even less balanced then before(I.E. tank keeper, shroomy, soul keeper, Dino)


???, we don’t know the % of decreased healing or the % rate as it gets applied. Not sure that is going to have as big effect as you think it will. At least I’m hoping it isn’t:)


Well the hope is that it’s been tested. If the tests show that everything is balanced on their end we should be fine, right?


Actually depending on the dungeon I think this maybe be faster. Some dungeons the trash mobs were taking longer than the boss fights. This should make bosses a little harder but trash easier. Will be fun to test out.


Worst case sinario, mages have to be prepared to decurse. All in all, could be easier.


Decursing will need to occur more for sure, most likely only on priority targets (tank/high threat dps).
The explosions are definitely going to slow down the runs though, having to focus single target enemies so that they all don’t die at once and destroy everyone all together.


Sickness: There is a chance every time that you attack an enemy to receive a debuff which causes you to receive reduced healing. Stacks up to 5 times.

just realized this is going to be way worse of rapidity rangers. That sucks.


Actually unstable did explode on the desert dungeon level 4 3 bosses and killed us all. I think that as a minor modifier, it is ridiculously over powered… Elites insta-kill us if we are within 22 yards… This basically means we are forced to single target down every ad…If they are not elite its half our health gone… pretty chaotic and slows us down by a good few mins every run…

Think it could be toned down a bit… If it wasnt a minor then fine… But it is right?


It’s a major mutation, but he did mention that this mutation shouldn’t be happening on bosses.


Just done a Level 3 and level 4 shard, Unstable was hitting for about 40-45% of my T6 ranger gear’s health and for around 70% of the mage’s health who was also on T6 gear. Felt like it was a bit much for in level 3 and 4

The triple boss at the end of desert crypt was also effected by unstable, killing the party when they have to die together, guessing that’s a bug, like what happened with the spores


Those Desert dungeon bosses are the bane of my existence. It’s good it only happens at the end when the fight is over but I will work on a fix for that.

I will reduce the range a little on the Unstable, it was fine for us in testing but probably erred on the side of large.

Also with Unstable I’m interested to see if strategies start popping up around getting the monsters to kill each other.


Idk, something about having less healing no matter the increment on a boss that is made to already on it’s own push healing tanking and dps to the limit sets of alarm bells for me


Well the devs want the dungeons to be harder the higher you go, as a limiting factor that sets a steady progression pace. They don’t want us to be able to reach T10 yet. The longer it takes to make it (so long as it isn’t utterly impossible) the better, because the challenge is what keeps us engaged.

Besides, somebody has to play test these things so the devs know how to balance them. RIP Aggressive


I think the dragon boss is also bugged. AOE kept killing our tank today even though they were out of the AOE multiple times. The back AOE was hitting the tank when the tank was in front, and the front AOE was hitting the tank when the tank was behind the dragon. I think the AOE visuals are misleading.