Tilesets do not affect provoke healing

Like @Scott reported ages ago here: Warrior tilesets don't increase provoke healing

tilesets do not increase provoke healing(at least not the full 30% they should)
back in scotts post he only did pixel measurements, but now we have combat logs(Yay!) so we have some actual numbers to look at.
^^that is a test I did where I wen’t to lamavora and killed two tear brutes with nothing but provoke, the first kill is with 3 tilesets up throughout the whole fight and the second kill is without tilesets. the heal difference of around 1k is most likely from the extra affixes I had on the gear with tilesets.

Edit: I looked a bit in the combat log and the healing with the tilesets is bout 10% plus a little extra from the gear affixes, so it probably works to some extent, but not the full 30% it should be with 3 tilesets up.

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Gives about 5% boost in healing for every tileset up, buuuut warrior tilesets have a lot of interference (unless you provoke with 3 hits per second which makes you a bad warrior XD but still interference uugh) so it gets closer to a 2-3% boost for each tileset. I also tested this on the musky and Bard. So I guess they implemented a 10% boost to all damage and a 5% boost to all healing. Was never told though. Is this a bug or not @Riley_D?

There is a stat which is damageBoostedPercent which is what some class abilities and tilesets increase. Healing has a separate stat called healingBoostedPercent which other abilities (such as those that say “increases healing received” etc.) use.

Healing benefits fully from healingBoostedPercent and partially from damageBoostedPercent. It would be too overpowered to have it benefit fully from both.

On tilesets in particular, though, one thing I’d like to do is give you more options to customize the effect of what the trigger does. So you could do more than just increase straight damage, since that’s only fully useful for some classes.


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