Warrior tilesets don't increase provoke healing


So a long time ago tilesets not increasing healing for muskets was addressed:

Continuing the discussion from Numbers for HP, heals, DMG taken, and healing rune tilesets:

But after testing myself multiple times and doing literal pixel measurements with a ruler I could not find a difference between healing while having tilesets up vs healing while not having tilesets up. One heal was in both cases exactly 3.0 cm for me. So my measurements can be off by 0.1 cm but that would be 3.3% more healing which would not make sense because the tilesets boost your damage by 30%! So unless the healing boost is lower then 4% while damage boost is 30% on tilesets I can say with certainty healing is still broken with damage boosts. This was Tested with a T14 sword in the wilds if any of those two variables have effect.

The same is the case for having Iceheart or not having Iceheart on your sword. Iceheart should increase healing by 5% just like damage, but it did not. Tested that with a T10. The 5% is harder to test though :confused:

The camera was hold perfectly stationary as close as possible against the stationary shield. So the measurements should be accurate.



Make me wonder, have you checked to see if the warrior blessing of might increases the healing?


No I did not check that. (Yet)


There could be a cap to provoke heal or something, that’s the only thing that makes sense. I will do some testing today myself as well for more data.

Edit, even after testing with my t5 sword I was finding the same thing, for me I was getting 2/8 of an inch (0.635 cm) of healing at the 100% magnification on premiere pro and distance in the test regardless of what damage buffs I had on. At 400% magnification on premiere pro I was getting 1 in (2.54 cm) for every heal regardless of if I had tilesets or blessing up or not. The only things that made a difference for healing on the bar was getting rid of armor (same healing but it just looks like more because of less health) and swapping to the beginner sword where I was getting no provoke heals at all. blessing of might and tilesets seem to be showing to have no effect. This makes me think that while you will get better provoke heals from better equipment 2.54 cm for me at t5 per heal going up to 3 cm per heal for you at t14 makes me think that the tilesets and blessing are having a minute effect that is not noticeable at all to the point of pixel measurements.

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