Transmog Closet Dye Preview


Neat idea. The ability to store all your dye in your transmog closet, and when you select a piece of gear to transmog, it also opens a pallete down below, with all your available dyes. Clicking on a dye shows you a preview of what it would look like, just like the transmogs. Clicking confirm saves it and uses up one of the dyes.

Would need better lighting in the closet as well.

Side idea. Very very rare permanent dye drops. All dyes have a permanent drop added but are far rarer. Like jet black would be a 0.001% chance. Or something. Putting these dyes in your closet would allow you to dye whatever gear you want any amount of times.

Just some thoughts.


I would love this. I love to pretty up my armor but hesitate to use some of my harder to get colours because i dont want to waste them to figure out if i like them and what colour to pair them with


Another idea could be to add a section to select each foil. With all the new transmogs and possible new ones. The list is going to get pretty long


+ cape preview