Travellers Hall - Wiki Updates

To give those of you would rather not discord the good stuff as well; we are going to be including the wiki updates here. :smiley_cat:

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Musky tiles updated with Mal’s new less-turret interference.

Bard tile set has been updated.

Legendries & amour updated in raids/shards

Clarification added on use/effects of support Paladin talents

Clarification on some of the rune-proc requirements

Musky Weakness Orb stacking note added

Bard Super notes added

Pally PvP to non-PvP rez note added

Getting Discord to work on an Oculus Quest

Setting Up Virtual Desktop with Quest

Mishka’s Guide To Bard

Mishka’s Guide To Ranging Updated

Mishka’s Guide To Musketeer

Bard Talents & Suggested Talent Builds Added

Cindy DPS Tracker - Leaderboards & Features

Moved Ask @Espiticus into the new mage tree section & added a link to The Guild for peeps with mage theory questions

Link to DPS Leaderboard added to every page in the Orbus section

Updates made to %'s of the affixes: Resurrection, Strong Willed, & Thick Skinned

Musketeer Turret Note added