Trickster goblin not spawning


the trickster goblin has either been not spawning or spawning in glitched spots that are unfindable, if you can take a look at the logs and see what happened with the 2:45 am central trickster chest on 7/9/2019 the trickster goblin has been spotted notification did proc, but the goblin did not actually spawn, have been having this happen a lot and its a huge waste of time please check into it

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Hmmm…yeah I see it as spawning.

When you say “a lot” can you be more specific? Like how many times has it happened in the last week (out of around 30 spawns?)


3 or 4 times, in the past 2 or 3 days

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lordie this happens all the time
was in hulthines for an hour before i gave up a few days ago


just happened again on the most recent goblin, got the message that it was spotted in lamavora, but no goblin to be found… time wasted 30 mins

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Okay…I think what’s likely happening is it is spawning but just in a really hard to find location. We will brainstorm some changes there.


i think it is spawning out of bounds or in an unreachable area


since i never go to goblins anymore, i might as well say where its spawning because i am 99% sure i know what is happening, and its stupid but easy to check and should be easy to fix by the devs

its spawning inside the camp building houses, so this happens in rainforest, lucian, and lamavora. u have to stick ur head in the wall to get it and because of the useless mechanic of the screen going dark it can make it a lil tricky


i think it spawn a not reach location also @Kamina you should try going for it sometime need more fun and a change


I really think changing spawn locations isnt going to make this event more active again… All I am reading here is ‘please give us more free loot pinyatas’ ‘ok i will get my team to brainstorm how to do that for you’ .

What really should be done is to mark the person with the token and the goblin location after (3-5?) minutes… So that we can actually compete over it properly…

We had a 3v3+ situation many times where the goblin gets killed and the opposing team NEVER sees the people who killed it even after attempting to block them due to the many possible ways a person can hide with tokens… Pretty ridiculous… The goblin is just as broken as it was from day 1 unfortunately… making goblins spawn in more obvious random places is not going to fix the problem that the game is broken.

I have only heard of the token changing hands once (maybe twice?) after it is found in the whole time I have played the goblin token game… Which i have done 50 times now.

Mostly this reply is frustrating because there is another thread here (Trickster Goblin Day 2 Discussion) with 548 replies with lots of great suggestions from all different community members and lots of qualitative data to work with that have been completely ignored… Yet someone requests that the goblin should be easier to find with no other qualitative data to go by and that is the one thing that gets a reply.


this thread is actually about the fact that the goblin is spawning in unreachable locations, wondering around for an hour looking for something that is in a wall that you are not even supposed to be in in the first place

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it may actually even be walking into these spots and not spawning in them, I noticed it is walking great distances


@Trumpchange i dont disagree with you that this problem is a valid problem along with the many other problems with the event right now…

The thing that winds me up is that it feels like there is absolutely 0 cost vs impact analysis going in to choices in development time… and whatever is topical on the forums tend to get picked without any real product management going behind it. Its bad for the game in the long run as high impact problems get completely lost.


Trickster chest was better… just sayin’


yeah sift better scenario with less loot to it equals out maybe some day they will add in an oldschool chest too


I can confirm it is either spawning or walking into glitched spots, this recent chest in lamavora after over 20 mins of looking for it we found stuck in concrete


had to use an aoe to get it into combat, shooting it did nothing… lucky there is now a pink indicator on it however if the glitched spot was taller that would not have helped… the goblin walks a long distance so my guess is that is how it got there…


It was pretty boring walking around for 20 minutes only to find out it got killed somewhere i walked past 4 times… Then to find out it was killed right next to me… at which point the carrier is already gone anyway even if I am 10 seconds away… I mean what is the chance that you happen to be in the angle in front of the player from the entrance as a solo player in this?

I can tell you actually:

It is roughly a 1 in 24 chance that you will happen to be in the right place at the right time to even get a chance to stop a player from running off in to another zone once they kill the goblin.


That pretty much sums up my experience with the goblin where after 50+ attendances I have only ever seen an actual stand off with the token holder twice (without knowing by the way).

Here are some more maths for you:

If you have 3 people in the opposite team for examples sake and you then are lucky enough to bump in to the group (1 in 24 chance generously) and you dont know which of those 3 has the token, your chance of getting lucky and finding the token then changes to 1 in 72.

Equally if you try to intercept them at highsteppe there are 3 (basic) potential ways to get back in to highsteppe; left ramp, right ramp or sneak up center OR the player can choose to sit back anywhere in the big wide world (for simplicity lets just say thats 120 quadrants + 3 ramps).

So what do you do in that situation? Absolutely nothing. Your chance is so low, you may as well not bother.

Anyway… as suggested by others in other threads there is a simple way to solve this

  • Have a goblin with mechanics like this for solo players, randomized spawn times, randomized location.

  • Have a goblin more for group PvP with pinpointed location after n minutes, pinpointed location on kill and token holder gets followed with an event beam with the duration. (keep all beams purple or something so it can actually be differentiated)


by the way, I have confirmed multiple times that the goblin is either walking to or spawning in glitch spots… I have pics to prove it please please please fix???


It would make sense that the goblin is walking into objects (such as the new outposts) that it shouldn’t. I’ve seen a tiger walk into an outpost building in the rainforest that was just a frame. I couldn’t attack it until I stepped partially inside the frame myself.