Un-Cap Rapidity ranger


title says most of it, if mages cant have a cap why should rangers


I’d love to see the return of Machine Gun Shiki. You 2 would make most mages seem incompetent :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure with deminishing returns on it I am fine with that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (not a flat bam 1 damage like it is now)


nah like mages have it now where each additional arrow is more of the same damage
people already say 4 per sec which is the current cap is impossible to sustain, so it shouldnt be a problem, right?


I’d rather they uncap precision by making targets more important (having them spawn immediately after destruction) and get rid of the precision timer.

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So turn it how the class used to be by merging rapidty and precision and then forever week points

That would be nice


Actually I’d like to see precision become ‘rapidity’ and make a new precision that doesn’t have any rapidity elements… Like if they were to make normal shots do low damage and make targets significantly more important (removing the shot timer)


I agree partly to this.
I’ve stated that after hitting a crit spot that they should spawn another one instantly.
But I think that there should be two distinct playstyles?
One for accuracy and timing and the other for spam.


So my point was that the timer we have feels rapidity ish and not precision. Instead of allowing you to spend time aiming, you are locked into a 1s timer and if you don’t hit it, you lose damage. That’s why I was saying they should make the current precision rapidity and make a new precision that removes the shot timer and actually reward you for aiming.


I’m slightly confused.
Wouldn’t that make it so one talent allows you to spam and if accurate get rewarded overwhelmingly more than the other?


:smirk:I’m just saying it wasn’t just those two who can shoot that fast.
and hey it might make it so rapidity can keep with mages damage :joy:


There wouldn’t be a ‘spam’ because the arrows that don’t hit the targets would deal significantly lower damage and since they spawn randomly, you wouldn’t be able to just spam shot and hope for the best.

Obviously it depends on the implementation, but they could make it so that it automatically spawns another target when you hit a target as long as it has been a second at least since the last one. This way you are massively rewarded for spending time aiming and can’t really just spam arrows because unless you are hitting targets you aren’t doing much.


interesting idea.
I for one would rather have two distinct playstyles thats very different from the other just for varity, but I suppose once testing have been done 1 will come out on top so :thinking:


Well the distinct playstyles would be ‘shoot 1 arrow per second’ and ‘take your time to aim’

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Where’s the difference? :joy:

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I like the thought of a ‘take your time to aim’ implementation that focuses way more on aim. Because the current precision ranger was never a precision ranger. But a timing ranger instead. The rapidity ranger has to aim just like the current precision ranger. What is the precision difference between those two? I would almost argue that the rapidity ranger is more of a precision one, because you need to aim more times per second xD

So some sort of implementation that will force the real ‘precision’ ranger to constantly aim at a very small target (changing position over time), and how further you are from hitting the target how less damage you do (like a target range giving you less points on hitting further away from mid). And instead of letting this being a very strict timing thing, the dps stays equal as long as you shoot between 0.8 and 1.5 seconds. something like that makes the real focus how accurate/precise you are. Not how well timed you are.

This is coming from someone not playing ranger at all, so won’t take my thought as a call for changing the ranger into that or anything like that. But it makes sense that this is what people expect out of ‘precision’, right?


So i dont think the time should be a factor in the damage at all for precision. That’s what makes it feel like rapidity. The only thing they should have for timing on precision is to prevent you from shooting super quickly by increasing time between targets (should still be lower than currently and show up immediately when you destroy one)


I think the timing bar should fill up when you draw the bow to prevent shooting too fast but it should not cycle. Maybe it could slowly empty after a second or two to prevent holding the draw too long. The way it is now, precision is more about timing than aiming.


it shouldnt ever go down for precision. if you are spending your time aiming, why punish you? that’s what makes it seem like rapidity atm. you are forced to shoot once per second and you do significantly less damage if you dont.

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