Uncap Raids Please?

It’s no secret that the orbus player count is getting smaller and smaller each week. It’s really sad the amount of players who log on for one raid every Tuesday and are inactive the other 6 days and 23 hours of the week. Or they are online doing nothing because they already got their hard mode citadel clear for the week.

Uncapping the raids would be a two birds one stone kind of solution, it would keep players online and active throughout the week, and it would keep players happy with the multiple raid drops per week. Tokens I think should still be capped to once per week, but the weapons and armor, should be farmable, kind of like how we can farm the raid pets multiple times a week.

Since raids, mainly Hard Mode Citadel, is the highest end game content, leaving them capped in terms of drops leaves us endgame players with nothing to do after we clear the raids, at least no challenging content, and the few of us who do multiple raids a week are left feeling unrewarded after every clear.


I think the one caveat to this is the fact that it might kill activity. There are honestly quite a few players that are only still playing because they want their +7 before they finally retire, and one of the main reasons they stay active is because they still have something left to achieve.

While I like the fact that I’ll probably get my 7 within a week of uncapping raids, I, and most other players, will probably have all 8 7s within a couple of months if raids are uncapped.

The cap on the raids helps to de-incentivize players running 50 raids in a month and burning out, and the fact that they can’t get every weapon they want in a couple of weeks helps to keep people playing as they still have a goal to work towards.

The quiting because of a +7 is only a joke. No one who actually gets a 7 is going to stop playing. They drop the 7 and want to use it. Doing dungeons, raids, parses, ect. Before +7’s were a thing people wouldn’t quit because they had full +5 with a +6 weapon, and dungeon loot is uncapped. They always quit for 1 of two reasons. Sometimes both.

A: They got bored of the same content
B: They got sick of not dropping the gear they worked so hard for

Which now that the Devs are pumping out new content at a good pace scenario A seems kinda void.

And as for option B, that’s currently happening. With people not dropping their +6 or +7 despite working hard for it, is causing players to become tired, annoyed, and generally unhappy when they play the game. The fact that they’re not getting the drop they’ve worked so hard for, and only being able to do it once per week as a slap in the face on top of that.


To be honest raid caps and horrible drop rates are what are pushing me out the door. If they uncapped raids I would definitely feel more incentivized to run the content regardless of drop rate due to the fact I’m not just wasting my time and I’m being rewarded for playing the game not punished by being told “good luck next time”. I’m getting to the point now where i would rather go play zenith then orbus because at least there i can get loot and upgrades that i earned rather than spend another year trying to grind once a week in hopes that the boss dies and i got a drop or my friends get a drop.

Personally I have two 7’s and it’s the only reason I’m still running content not the other way around. I do not believe people choosing to play a game to burn out is the responsibility of the dev team, that’s the players issue. We want a fun game with more chances at loot so we can sit back and enjoy the classic content.

Just my opinion.


Honestly, when I started playing +6s were top and I did a ton of shards even after getting all of my +6s. Once you get all the gear you want, you can help others like greenies or your friends. Without getting it for yourself for over a year or playing means not only do I barely want to run content to get it for myself, I’m way less likely to put in similar effort to help new people. If they uncapped and people who burned it got everything in a month or two, I think people would still run because as new people got into the community, I’d want to help them get stuff because it would feel achievable vs banging my head against a wall


I don’t know about this. Just look through the leaderboards of the top mages, for example. Almost every single one of them got their 7, and then stopped playing a few months after. They did their 50+ raids, achieved everything they wanted to achieve, then got their 7 and now they don’t play anymore. Uncapping it risks the fact that you expedite the process: Instead of doing a raid per week, you do 5, and burn out from repetitive content 5x as fast as you would otherwise.

Blueduckyy says that she would still play to help other people get their 7s, but could that be said for everyone? Through the past year, I’ve seen probably about 15 fantastic players who stopped doing B4 runs after getting their 7, and now most of them don’t play at all. In general, B4 isn’t a very fun fight at the moment. 1-3 are all good fights, and short enough to prevent them from being frustrating.

B4 isn’t really like this at the moment. It’s a tedious fight filled with bugs, and it’s honestly pretty boring for the bard, and add dps. While I’d always be down to run a 1-3, I, and many others, don’t want to do many B4 kills per week, as it’s not nearly as fun to repeat: we want our drop, and that’s pretty much it.

In general, I think it’s a shortsighted change. If it was added today, would it increase raid activity and playercount for the next few months? Yes, absolutely. But after people don’t need to run B4 for loot, are there enough people that would run it for fun to keep consistant raids? I could be wrong, but I’m almost certain we’d see a decline in raids being run after people no longer need their 7, and don’t need to run 1-3 in order to get an instance. People would only do raids for fun, and frankly, B4 is far from the most fun boss in the game.

Obviously, I don’t expect to see too much support on this point of view, because players who’ve left the game after achieving everything orbus had to offer obviously aren’t going to be responding to the post. I more or less just want to bring up the other side of the argument before everyone goes “I want my 7 faster, so raids should be uncapped”.

I think the time-gating has a purpose, and needs more consideration before it’s removed. If people want to run content for fun, the time gating is irrelevant, you can still run raids more than once a week. If people want to help others through content, time gating also doesn’t affect that. The only think it really does is encourage doing many raids in quick succession, and I’m not convinced this is a good thing.

I do believe that there should be a better way of obtaining a +7 weapon, though, I just think it should be a guarenteed, time-gated way of obtaining it. Say, you can purchase a legendary weapon for 20 tokens as a +7 is supposed to be a 1/20 drop. This would solve the issue of frustration over not getting your drop, without introducing issues with burnout from running raid after raid after raid every day a week to get your 7.

Just gonna list off a few,
Ethan - Active
Katsui - inactive
Richleth - Was inactive before +7
Pheonixes - Banned alt
Foxytwo - Alt + banned
Tricycletin - banned
yagbe - college
Samurai - active
Spins - active
Harm - active
canadian - alt + banned
kefka - active
katsushi- alt
rotation - inactive
eclid - alt

reguardless your point of view i think its pretty obvious people will quit the game reguardless of a +7. people are way more likely to quit the game because of frustration of not getting drops than actually getting drops.

inactivity and reciving a +7 have nothing to do with one another. and to suggest that is just randomly assigning a boogeyman to orbus’s inactivity issue.

The only thing that time gating promotes is inactivity, its essentially telling the player “Hey you only have to log on once a week minimum to get what you wany.” and leaves the rest of us who run multiple raids a week to get other players their clears looking stupid with nothing to show for it.

Whilst +7 is a really good example of the flaws in the system, this would apply for all raids, normal and hard mode guild city and citadel, no one is going to sit there for hours every day griding raids, but what it would to is cause more fellowships to post raids more frequently throughout the week, making the minimum amount of raids a group can do from one per week, to as many as they want as long as they can fill a party.

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That would be fantastic if it was the whole story. You can’t realistically pretend that obtaining the final item the game has to offer and being bored of the game are unrelated.

At the end of the day, the argument is somewhat flawed.

Are you doing B4 because it’s fun, or because you want a drop?

If it’s because it’s fun, who cares if you get a drop or not? Getting a 1/20 chance to obtain a weapon should not make the raid more fun than it already is.

If it’s because you want the drop, will you still keep playing after getting the drop? If you only play the content because you want the reward from it, once the reward is gone there’s no longer a reason to do that content.

If you were playing because you wanted the drop, but will continue playing after getting the drop, why? Will you do it to help others? Because you enjoy the content? If that’s the case, then isn’t the entire point just “I will do the content either way, I just want a 7”.

If you just want a 7, uncapping raids really doesn’t matter. The solution should be reducing the RNG of obtaining a 7, not increasing the amount of times you can attempt that RNG.

I think some people might quit when they get the final weapon but I think many will stay. Honestly the thing that most makes me think about quitting is the frustration of killing hm boss 4 50+ times and not having any +7s to show for it. The disappointment every week is demoralizing really. I don’t know if uncapping the raids is the answer but the current drop raid is painful.


I’d agree with this. I’m also somewhere around 50 kills combined, and still never dropped a 7. I’m somewhat in a different boat, as I’ve mostly just stopped expecting a shot to get the weapon, so I’m no longer disappointed when I don’t get it, but it definitely needs an overhaul. The RNG without any pity system is honestly terrible, and needs some changes. I just don’t think that throwing more attempts per week at a bad RNG system is the way to make it a good system.

Keep em capped. They would lose their special feeling if they got uncapped. However maybe making it so there is a much lower chance but still a chance after you have already killed the boss for the week. So after you get your token for the week the chance of getting the respective armour/weapon would drop significantly. Excpect devs to break the code and make drops always significantly lower tho :skull:

This post isn’t about +7’s. Idk how it got turned around, but this is about the shity raid system. Locking your content behind a time is a horrible idea in any game, and even more so in a dying game like orbus.

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Personal opinion: Would have loved for the end end game content to be more then one raid. Instead of trying to solve it with an uncap. Having more then 1 raid be end end game.

This is why shards were more my favorite when I played alot. It had more to offer then the same one thing over and over again.


more than 1 capped raid doesn’t exactly solve the issue, unless they’re going to add enough content to fill up 7 days worth of orbus, uncapping it would be so much better.


I really don’t understand your need to get more raid drops. Do you need more +4 gear? +5? +6? I don’t think anyone honestly believes that gearing in full +6 armor is too difficult, it takes a week or two maximum if people give you drops. Lowering that to a few days is irrelevant.

You’re acting like the people that log on for their weekly raid really are looking for +6 gear, when we all know that’s not true. Almost every single person in this thread has full +6 on every class they want it on, and we’re only doing the 1-3 for fun, or for the B4 instance.

Like, honestly. Does anyone here really believe that it’s too hard to get a full set of raid armor? We don’t need to make raid armor easier to obtain, it’s already easy to get.

End of the day, Scott has a better solution. It’s better to give more variety in difficult content to prevent people from getting bored then to just incentivize running the same repetive content. Hell, make GCHM drop +6 epic and legendary. It’s comparable in difficulty to CHM and adding more content that people could run for top tier gear would go a long way with making the content less repetitive.

It boils down to:

  • Raid armor is not hard to get.
  • We should not be artificially incentivizing doing repetetive content
  • It’s better to give players more content to complete to prevent burnout then increasing the amount of times they do the same exact content.

You sound like you only run with one group, But for someone like myself who runs with PARADIGM, Happy Accidents, Satunalia, and Order of the Pheonix. People are always wanting any gear, for transmogs, the + level, or at the very least the glimmering shard.

Scotts “Solution” solves nothing, there are already 4 capped raids in the game, and you think a 5/6th is going to solve anything, you’re wrong. Every other game who has capped content ultimately crashes and burns because of it.

What it really boils down to is that people are already running the content as if it were uncapped and getting jack shit for it. And the fact that you even wrote this

Makes you sound insensitive and elitist towards anyone who’s arguing against your perspective. So no I’m not ACTING like anything, It’s already apparent by this post that the majority would like raids to be uncapped, and is even more evident in game when you talk to people about it.

No gamer like capped content, not in any other game, and certainly not in orbus. Here’s a massive reddit thread about it. https://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/kk0379/the_era_of_dailyweekly_tasks_in_multiplayer_games/
All capped content does is drive players away, and show that player engagement is the priority vs gameplay satisfaction.


Exactly, and this is completely fine. If you enjoy running the raids, run the raids. No one is going to stop you from running content you enjoy, I don’t see why you running multiple raids means you deserve uncapped raids.

I completely agree. Other small, unpopular games such as WoW and FFXIV have crashed and burned because of the fact you can only loot one Mythic dungeon per week and other weekly lockouts.

This is a fallacy of an argument. I keep my username on here seperate from my IGN for a reason, but you arguing based on the fact that you run raids isn’t a real argument. The glimmerings and transmogs are nice, sure, but how long will that last? If you uncap raids, how many months until you have every transmog, perfect affixes, ect.

Sure, because at fact value it looks like a great idea. We want our gear faster, so the devs should give us ways to get it faster! This conviently ignores burnout issues from incentivizing running the same raid constantly throughout the week, will lead to massive glimmering and effervescent farms as people grind early GC hundreds of times in a day, losing any further gear, transmogs or other incentive to keep playing, ect.

Let us take some of your arguments at face value. Assume players are doing raids because they drop loot they want, and they don’t play once they can’t get loot that they want. Then, once you uncap raids and they spend a few weeks getting that gear they want, what keeps them playing?

Now, let’s just assume that people aren’t just doing it for the loot, and they’ll keep playing even if they don’t get loot. Oh, wait, that’s what we have now! You get chances for loot, and then you can do additional raids even though they won’t actually give you physical rewards. It’s a video game. You play it because it’s fun, and giving people extra items doesn’t make it more fun.

The hypothetical players that you keep talking about that play for 1 hour every week already have all the other gear they’d ever need, and are just looking to finish the final items they need, or just do a weekly raid for fun. Players that don’t have full +6 aren’t just logging on for a weekly raid, as there’s still tons more content they haven’t done if they haven’t played long enough to do all the content, and aren’t burned out like the player whose only doing a raid a week and spending the rest of the time offline.

Uncapping raids isn’t going to make people un-burned out.

So do you just like arguing or what because it seems you have no constructive criticism other than sarcasm and borderline insults.

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Do you?

For some reason, I feel like I’m not the one who’s insulting people.

There are plenty of good solutions, some of which you would be able to see by reading.

  • Make GCHM drop +6. Incentivize doing multiple different raids that drop equivalent power of gear, to reduce burnout and offer more chances to get top tier gear.
  • Fix the RNG system regarding legendary weapons, reducing the need for people to burn out from not getting a drop they need.
  • Add more top tier content. New content would be fantastic, but anything would be fine. Extremely difficult shards, a new raid, a new raid difficulty, the collesium that was in progress for a while, ect. More content = less repetitive.

I for one would love to see your kill count since you’re so adamant about your point being “it’s too easy to get gear so no “

There are plenty of players still not completing the bosses, without gear and frustrated.

Uncapping raids had nothing to do with burnout.

I’m so glad your opinion is the only one that matters. the majority vote so far is that change is necessary. And uncapping raids would help tremendously.

Why you are so fixated on the gear is beyond me.

The fact is the orbus population is dying and changes need to be made or this game doesn’t have long left and being able to enjoy the raids, help new players gear up for the longevity of the game, and enjoy the content without limitations would go along way to solving the problem…