Upcoming Bugfixes/Dev Roadmap

Hi, I wanted to make a post today to let the community know some of our internal roadmaps as well as what we’re currently working on. We have been focusing internally on bugs for the last month (mainly class bugs currently) and are getting to the point where we feel comfortable to share what we will be tackling next. Some of these bugs have been around for a while, and we understand the frustration that comes along with having to deal with these bugs on a weekly, and sometimes daily basis.

As we move forward with some of the bigger bugs that affect daily life inside of Orbus, we will be posting more updates and communicating with the community to help us squash these problems. Before I dive into the upcoming bugs we will be working on, you can find a list of the of the ones that have been recently fixed through our patch notes located here.

After the success of the Musketeer Orb respawn fix, we are taking that same logic behind the fix and applying it to some of the other classes including the Shaman totems, Musketeer turret, and the Ranger ability arrows. We are testing these fixes now internally and are excited to get them out to the community to improve your play sessions in a patch next week.

The next big bug we will be tackling will be the Desync on Death issue, specifically when you perish inside of the game, attempt to re-awaken and appear to be alive on your screen, but still dead to other players and to the server (like not being able to interact with NPCs, attack monsters, change zones or areas, change classes, etc.) As far as we are aware, the only workaround for this bug currently is to close the game out completely and relaunch, and when you log back in you will still be perished and will be able to re-awaken successfully.

While there are other desync bugs on our list to fix, we are prioritizing the ones specifically that prevent you from continuing you player session without closing and re-opening the app. Some of the other bugs that we have on our high priority list are as follows:

  • Ghost class ability/Ghost casting - We have had reports on different classes where you try to attack/ cast a spell and on your screen it appears that it connected/ successfully launched but on the server it shows nothing (IE: No damage numbers, heals appear to hit teammates but immediately respawn on weapon without effect or healing, sword swings go through but cause no damage, spells don’t get sent, etc.)

    • Known Workaround-- We are not aware of any workarounds for this bug other than for the Runemage class where it is reported to be fixed by triggering the Mage super (activating both triggers at once). If anyone knows of any other workarounds for these specific bugs please let us know as that can help track down the root causes also.
  • Class Multi-classing - Switching between classes causes you to have both class weapons equipped at the same time (IE: A Paladin hammer and Ranger bow at the same time)

    • Known Workaround: Only known workaround for this bug is to close the app completely and restart the game.

While the programming team spends the majority of their time debugging and fixing these issues, we will still be continuing to introduce new content from the rest of the team in the coming months, including the new Shard legendary drops, new Overworld quests (along with new Overworld points of interest), as well as other content mentioned inside the latest Development Roadmap.

On a side note, we’re really happy with the feedback we have gotten from the Highsteppe update as well as the Character update, and it is a fun experience for the Dev team when logging into the game to see all the new looks everyone is wearing!


I believe you can fix this without closing your game. it involves switching to a 3rd class potentially and then also switching hands. your weapon most always will be in the wrong hand and you’ll have to switch back and forth a few times.

Edit: closing your game might guarantee it its just like a “partial” desync sort of thing


I’ve run into having multiple classes equipped at the same time when switching. One fix is just to continue switching to different classes untill it works itself out. Might not work if you only have two classes to begin with.


Thank you for getting this together so quickly. It means a lot that you listen to the community so much. I’ve seen some games were the devs don’t and it’s uhhh a mess lol. Anyway this makes me want to stay with the game a lot more.


My biggest issue now is my voice chat not working when I first sign-on, the way I fix this to re-log on my quest 2. This seems more prevalent since v14.

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Do you see a message like “Vivox login failed”?

I have looked since you first mentioned ‘vivox login failed’ since v14 but I have never seen a message like this. So I don’t know what the issue is.


I have also noticed the audio bug issue. It seems to happen most of the time on relog or sometimes it seems to happen when loading into an area. You can’t hear others or be heard by others. Quitting out of game entirely is the only way to fix this it seems. Tho I think I’ve had audio issues in game that required me to restart headset entirely because quitting game multiple times did not fix it.

For me it appears I can hear game sounds and other players but they cannot here me, I think they can see the ))) icon next to my player name. Some then say they can’t hear me and suggest I re-log. This happens if I sign-on to Orbus after a long break, it does not matter if I restart the headset or not.

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Can you explain this more, do you mean like your playing orbus, then take the headset off but leave the game open and then come back 30 minutes later?

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please take a look at disappearing scoundrel cards. it makes the class (which is not the greatest at dps) do almost no damage depending on the tilesets.

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I way I get around it is just switching to a different class then switching back to the class you wanted to be, it usually works for me

That happens to me. If I take the headset off and come back later without having actually closed the app - usually my audio is glitched when I log back in.


If I have not played OrbusVR for half an hour on my quest 2 the voice chat sitters the problem as explain Ned above. If I then log off then immediately on again all seems fine and players can hear me.

I generally dont use the in game voice but wanted to when the mouth movement got introduced and noticed voice was broken 1 time. Ive also never seen the vivox login failed message, how does it appear? Like any other notification or is it specific and obvious?

If bombs are running every login will get 3 notifications for luck, speed and xp so that could easily make the vivox message be missed.

This may help with the desync issue. But sometime when teleporting or entering a dungeon (only happens on broken halls for me but unsure if others do that) I get teleported to a blank void. In broken halls I get teleported below the dungeon, there’s a blank billboard there too.

I might be wrong, but do we first get teleported to a temporary location before going to where we are supposed to be? Because if so the desync issue could be due to the game thinking we are in that void. Which is why we’re invisible to other players

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I’m having issues with the sound too and it’s been worse since the fall festival update. I don’t get the audio error message. I always exit the game completely when I leave. When I come back on a while later no one can hear me. If I exit and come back on immediately, I can then be heard. It happens often enough that if I know I will be talking, I log on, exit, and come back on before doing anything else.

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Could you please address when you are going to fix the scoundrel cards from freezing and not being able to grab them. This used to happen once every few days and could be fixed by taking the card off your belt. Now it seems to happen 3 times in a 15! Also 2 out of three times the stored card does not fix the broken and frozen deck of cards. You must switch classes and switch back to fix the issue. When this happens in raid or 15 boss fights at the beginning of the boss fight it messes up all tiles and damage for the class. Will go from hitting 65k to 30k. This bug really needs to be looked into and fixed along with the other main class fixes! Please advise to when this will happen.

For those of us with sound issues, I think it may be an issue with the Quest 2 microphone. I just played around with the voice commands and after putting it to sleep, it didn’t hear what I was saying until after I went into a game and then left the game. I tried turning the mic on and off but that didn’t help. My headset software is up to date.

Strange, I have used altspace which has a sound meter that says my quest 2 mic is active but that was not after the latest update so it may be different now.