Update 11.01- Tinkerer Crafting Profession Release

We are excited to release the TInkerer Crafting Profession today in update 11.01 around 12:30 CST on 11/5/19

  • There is a new Tinkerer Crafting station in your Player house basement
    • Wave at the Tinkerer Tutorial sign next to the crafting station to begin the tutorial and receive a free blueprint and resources to build the Orbus Picture (will be used in player house customization update on Nov 19th)
  • Added 15 blueprints and 7 new Tinkerer resource types (for additional information: https://blog.orbusvr.com/tinkerer-crafting-profession-how-to-2/
  • Added Tinkerer Vendor shop (Previously empty player shop) inside the Underground Marketplace of Highsteppe (you can view all the Tinkerer craft able tools inside the shop)
  • At the rear of the Tinkerer shop there is a door that leads to the Furniture store where you can see all the Tinkerer craft able furniture
    • House Furniture will be able to be crafted and stored in the Player Chest in preparation for the Nov 19th Player House Customization update
  • Achievement Vendor inside of the Furniture Store added
    • Currently you can purchase the Guiding Light Lantern blueprint if you have the “Fall of the Lich King” achievement
  • Updated default positions for all classes for the Valve Index controllers
  • Added a “Weapon Angle Adjustment” feature so players can adjust the weapon angles to their comfort and fit the best
    • Supports all controller types
    • Can be found under the Player Menu–>General Tab–> Next to the Tool Anchor adjustment
  • Added a new notification when Zone Shards are becoming inactive and closing down
    • Will send out a server notification if you are in the Zone Shard closing and will move you to new Zone Shard when closed
  • Fixed Player death re spawn timer
    • Should show correct cool down time when you can use a Mage or Musketeer Resurrection spell
  • Updated green tutorial sprites to red arrows pointing direction to travel
  • Added visual blue barriers to aid in direction of travel during tutorial
    • Barriers disappear after you have completed the tutorial “Monster Hunter”
    • Barriers are visual only, and can be passed through in case players have yet to complete tutorial and need to return to Highsteppe.
      • Would like feedback from new players on the barriers, it is something we are trying out as we start to work on improving the tutorial and new user experience
  • Note: Currently you can not see the runes above your head for Runesmithing with the Ravens View Camera, but will be able to with the Nov 19th update

We have created a short Tutorial video going over the Tinkerer Class here:


broken 3 orbs?

also every item is showing for every person in the achievement hall, even though ppl never having anything to do with the achievement. On purpose? or where items going to hide if you don’t have the achievement.

Ranger arrows are visible now in the hand of other rangers. On purpose?

Right handed pally UI bar completely broken.Right handed:

Left handed is normal:


Yes those look broken ill get those fixed in a patch

Yes this is on purpose so players can see what they want to work towards. All the items in that part will be for sale from the Achievement vendor on Nov 19th as long as you have the achievement unlocked, there will also be a way to hover over the furniture to have a tool tip of the name pop up so it will be more apparent which one is tied to what.


Bug report:

  • Wood Scraps say they sell for 1000 dram at the Apprentice Smithy yet you only get 50 when sold (who gives me my Wood Scrap back now :smiley: )
  • Other materials say same (including blueprints) but are not sellable

I don’t think I like the spoiler store:sob:

Sorry yes this is a bug, there will be a client side patch to fix this and paladin UI and broken dungeon globes within the next hour

Edit: just wanted to clarify the 50 is the correct price

Not sure what ya mean here. Are you talking about the furniture store?


Yep pretty much looks like it shows a lot of the fun stuff that seems like an interesting surprise

I like the store, this way I don’t farm for something I don’t want in the first place… not eager to craft 3 chairs only to figure I want the 1st one in my house, not #2 or 3.

What I don’t like about all this, nope, I don’t have space in my chest for 15 new built items, so nvm, will wait with crafting until the 19th I guess.

Most ppl names and healthbar are gone now most of the time. Sometimes you find a person with a name. Everyone is experiencing this.

Also the pally hammer broken UI is now on the left hand instead of the right hand.

scoundrel gun 180 degrees backwards out if nowhere now, since latest update happened?.. did not touch the weapon asjustments. reset didn’t fix it

spells visual not rotating anymore and spells are being cast backwards… (through my body)

Which hand are the weapons in? left or right?

I can’t get the raven view camera to work, how are you supposed to use it?

Left, but I tested both hands and it is broken on left and right. for both scoundrel and mage.

Okay after a game restart it decided to test some random other classes. Now musky gun is 180 degrees upside-down but the scoundrel gun and mage wand are fine.

Okay found the source of the bug. If you go left handed paladin, switching from pally to another class breaks that other class. Because the left handed pally itself is broken and flipped, it flips the other classes for some reason…

Thanks were tracking it down it seems to be related to the hot fix we did earlier to fix the pally UI

If your on PCVR you just throw the camera into the air like you would a selfie bot but it will hang in the air and follow your movement while the camera stays stationary, and it switches your desktop monitors view to that of the camera. So inside the VR headset it wont change anything.

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that is what I was trying, it doesn’t work for me. PC orbus window stays the same

What headset are you using?