Ventacular Blocking Red Star mob grinding spot - Mugwood

I was checking out the new zones to see if I could find a spot I like for the red star mobs for the grinder and the Ventacular there was causing a lot of issues by blocking shots, keeping me stuck in combat meaning I can’t heal out of combat and they just spawn faster than the red star mobs which are there making it so it’s a pointless spot for the red star mobs, could the Ventacular here be moved some where else or removed?

This is the spot I’m talking about:


The Ventacular mob mechanics needs to be looked at in general. Glitches people into combat alot, blocks shots when underground and is just annoying in general.


question how do you make maps or mark places like that

It’s from potatos interactive map! Check it out, hes done a great job with it


I personally love the Ventacular’s a concept, theyre my fav monster, but their mechanics need some fine tuning. Getting jumped by a pack of them is not as fun or easy to manage as getting jumped by one or two, Even at level 30

I checked out the spot today and second this - way too many Ventaculars.

Also this specific spot is another shaman-unfriendly one; like in wastelands mobs are cramped together in a way that it is very hard to body-pull them out and throwing our AoE-orbs will easily pull all the reds.

A place very close to this with lotsa little bugs in between does not have this issue, because the spawn points of reds are further away and there’s more space, so mobs are wandering out to a distance where you can single them out easier.

But it’s a rare spot and with 2 people there it’s already overfarmed and lots wait for respawn.

I sure do wish we could use our grinder inside the lair btw - the time bringing down mobs is same, but no one can farm them off you!


There is a spot with 2 red star spiders which spawn back pretty quickly at the bottom of one of the vines, I went there on bard as an easier spot when I was getting the teensy transmogs and doing the grinder, have you tried them?

Yea I was there, but nope they don’t (anymore), in my opinion… I like to have something to do, constantly, like in the other spot at least killing the little bugs and if you need to single out things that also takes bit longer; these two took too long to respawn. They were down fast, sure, but then I stood there like tap tap tap… I mean we need 15 respawns for one grinder level.

On a sidenote, both other zones feel empty af now, you venture around and nothing, specially if others are in the zone already clearing it… it’s hard to even see enough to kill for the other grinder levels without lots of running, I really hope mob numbers are up’ed soon.

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I know they dropped number back to ‘normal’ after launch, but i still hope they dial it in to feel lively

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I’ve just been back to this spot to go finish my grinder cause there was a few people in a different spot I use, I noticed there is now also an green triangle elite octofang there, this has pretty much ruined this spot as a grinding spot, as well as there are still ventaculars there which at least they count towards the last level of the grinder unlike the octofang, could you please just remove the octofang and add in a few extra red star Fang Spiderlings or something that doesn’t suck ass, I’d rather deal with those and the ventacular than the octofang getting in the way and spawning adds constantly

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