Voice Chat Feedback


One of the core parts of the game that we are really still trying to make sure is bug-free is the voice chat. With the patch we put out yesterday I think we’ve addressed a lot of the remaining issues which were causing weird things like some people not being able to hear one person in a group standing around talking or things like that.

If you are still having voice chat issues in game, if you could please let us know about them so we can gather more info and make sure this is squashed once and for all, that would be great. Alternatively, if it is working much better for you (or was always working pretty well in the first place), that would also be good to know, so we have an idea of the state of the feature. Thank you!


I mostly just use discord but when I went into a random dungeon earlier I was using it and it seemed fine, I would like to note that I really hate that the party chat loses the positional voice chat,l in dungeons, it’s one of the magical things about the in game chat and I’d love to see that reverted back to how it used to be


Okay, we can definitely consider reverting that, the main reason we made that change was we’d like people to be able to use the in-game voice to do things like dungeon runs and it seemed like it was too hard to do so if you stopped being able to hear people when they were 40 meters+ away from you (some boss fights require you to be on opposite ends of the room, etc.) Any thoughts on that?

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Maybe increase the drop off range a little more but have it so the positional part of it is still there, it adds a lot to VR

Edit, also without the positional voices I had a very hard time workout who’s voices were whos in the dungeon earlier so would help with this too


Sorry for going against you Rickness but I disagree on having the sound drop off effect in dungeons. You need 24/7 comminication badly for some beginners. I once in the old game lost 2 beginners in a scaled dungeon because they were walking around after dying and we really didn’t reform at all because everyone was lost. It was basically a hide and seek chaos and one person left in the end. Of-course the broken compass unable to speak in party chat was of no use again :expressionless:

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I assume you mean the broken compass from before? As far as I know it should be working fine now (and again if it’s not that’s what we’d like to know so we can get it fixed).


yeah ftom the old game.


I have to agree with Scott here. While I also enjoy the drop off, I think it makes things a lot tougher in random groups. People might not know about party chat, won’t realize you didn’t hear them ect.

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can you apply directional audio in dungeons using:

Mathf.Atan2(vector.x, vector.y) * Mathf.Rad2Deg; //(c# unity)

and then attach the audio source on a gameobject which rotates around the player? This way the volume would stay the same throughout the dungeon but it would be blindingly obvious as to which direction the other players are at.

This could be an option which can be toggled so that those who want a consistent sound in their left and right ear have the choice of that.

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With the Quest coming out shortly I wondered how to communicate (gifted one to a technically really not versatile parent), sure, there’s an option to do so via oculus friends, possibly, and a likely more complicated with configuring a discord app etc.

But the easiest way - which I actually miss in the game - is an option in settings to a) enable, b) disable voice chat and the missing c) ENABLE IN PARTY ONLY
The later option meaning anyone in party hears what you say, but no one outside the party.

If this would only work, reliably, then we could just team up with any quest users for now and use the ingame voice chat, without automatically being heard by others.

It would also help the current game since there would not be a need to turn it off in the overworld again after building random groups. I could just leave my party after an instance and voila, it’s off.


im still getting voice chat problems in game


Can you be more specific about what you’re seeing? You couldn’t talk to someone, they couldn’t hear you, etc?


i cant hear some people talk and they cant hear me


I get a mix, sometimes I can hear people but don’t see the little speaker icon by their names, sometimes I see it moving but hear nothing. One time I had a guy muted from god knows when and tried sorting our voice issues for a whole dungeon before I realized it might be nice to have an icon like an X to remind you you have a player muted over their head.


Something odd happened with the voice chat when I went into the first dungeon. Right before I entered the other team members could hear me but then for some reason when i entered the dungeon my mic got disabled. I tried logging out and closing the game fully and even tried switching my default mic and restarting but nothing could get my mic to work. I did crash due to my internet turning off midway through joined back then crashed back to the loading screen so that might have affected it but Im not sure what happened. The mic didnt turn back on even after completing the dungeon


Did you get an error saying that your mic was disabled when you started up the game? Or it just wasn’t working? Has it started working since then or closing and restarting the game fully still hasn’t fixed it?


I never got any error before and restarting the game didnt fix it at all. I dont beleive its fixed yet


I still had a problem day before yesterday, I couldn’t hear someone talking right next to me, and when I talk my voice sounds like I’m very far away to everyone even tho my settings are correct in steam and Orbus. Discord was working fine tho which I how I know. :+1:t2: