VR Wand Bug, cant turn with wand equipped

When using a wand, I can no longer use the snap turning ingame. I play on Oculus Rift S and was told that this is a common bug for valve index users. Not sure what to do to fix it.

this will happen if you run the game through steamVR, if you run it directly through oculus you won’t have that problem.

Still have the problem running through Oculus

At the least, I know Rift S users who don’t have this problem. Idk what’s causing this for you. Are you using the Rift S controllers or something different?

What version of windows are you using?

Rift S controllers and Windows 10

I know it’s a silly thing to ask, but have you checked your locomotion settings?

by that you mean not having steamVR open at all right?

I use the rift S and don’t have this problem. I use snap turn also. I can tell you what locomotions i use if you want.

@Ansil do you own and run the on the oculus store? If you own it on the steam store it will open with steam vr= no turn option when wand equip.

…also @Mathieu_D can we get this fixed? The new index controllers should allow for turning natively, I can accept the problem with the old vive wands that shared the turn and release spell button, but it’s a stupid problem that carries over to all other headsets, and should be a rather easy fix


I’m a new player, playing on steamvr with my brand new valve index, and would like to know when this bug will be fixed. I came across this topic while searching for a fix, along with other topics going back to at least as far back as March. It seems like this should be a simple fix. Can we please get a fix?


I would really appreciate if we could get some kind of feedback, workaround, temporary fix… anything. I’d even accept any reasoning for why this issue is so complicated it can’t be fixed, if there is one. This appears to be a long-running issue, and a fix shouldn’t take this long; as I said, I’ve seen support requests here on the forum going back as far as March, and no sign of working on a fix. It really inhibits the Runemage experience on the Valve Index, and I had hoped there would be more support for the headset here.

I mean I play on Index and personally it does not inhibit the runemage experience; maybe that is because I am used to turning around physically instead of with a control ingame.

Either way having this as an option would be really nice.


It does inhibit the runemage experience to strafers :stuck_out_tongue:
You do adapt, but I’d still prefer strafing.

The work around is I believe a rebind of controls or to load it thru the oculus store…

But yes , if it happened to me I’d just stop playing.

I play my steam version thr the oculus sdk
cv1 / q2

Only workaround with a non-oculus headset is to launch the Oculus store version through revive, which is a massive performance hog.

Yea it’s the same in reverse when you launch steam when you are an oculus headset oculus still runs and consumes resources…

They should make an in game fix for that it is really gross when you cant turn.

i’m getting my valve index soon and it sucks that the orbus controls are going to get worse switching from the quest 2 w/ virtual desktop to the valve index.
i’m really frustrated that not only does turning not work while holding the wand but the pointer angle is also messed up and angled really high up too, making aiming with your off-hand borderline impossible while sitting. it also makes net guns impossible to use while sitting as well. there is no reason at all for it to be different than the oculus pointer angle.

i feel like these should be very easy to change:

  • allow turning no matter what
  • change controller pitch angle variable

regardless thanks for all your hard work. i’m really enjoying MSP1.

It takes a little bit of adjusting from other headsets, but I assure you both are completely possible, and comfortable, from a sitting position :slight_smile:

Have you tried to run the game through steamvr on your Oculus headset Mishka? Cuz that’s for sure not comfortable at all for maging.

Nah, I was referring to Index hand positioning since they said they’re getting Index :slight_smile: