Warrior class – A dying breed


Warrior class – A dying breed.

Playing a warrior has its shares of problems, a leveled up one to 18 since I purchased Orbus a month ago and now I see why it’s the least class played. Especially with yesterday’s patch, I am leaving this class and picking something else. One less tank in the world of Orbus.

The warrior class needs some serious love, no wonder I do not see any tanks in the game, who wants to play this class? Here are some of the issues you will encounter trying to level a warrior:

Hitboxes: hey sometimes they will be on the floor (vulpes), sometimes they will be 6 feet above you (stag/moose), but sure enough if the mob isn’t exactly your size, you will miss them most of the time.

Combos: They don’t always land, sometimes its lag, sometimes it’s the game, sometimes it’s the wonky mechanics. This makes leveling extremely frustrating. My ranger can kill enemies that are out of his league, my warrior can barely kill stuff his own level.

Sword rush: the most garbage skill this game has to offer. Maybe you will rush 5 feet past the mob, maybe you will rush on top of him, making it so you have to take 3 steps back, losing time and probably dying in the process. Maybe you will get lucky and actually land it front of the mob….Just to have it run off to a different direction like you were attacking it from somewhere else……

PVP: a great post was already made by Wayne_S about all the issues: PvP in Orbus needs some love. (Thoughts after 150 hours and level 20 as a Warrior)

Shield Bash: Hey lets have this ability go off for no reason after a sword rush! yay!

Last night a group wanted to do the desert world boss, about 20+ players. There was only one tank and he was having internet issues so he disconnected, what happened next? Nothing the whole group waited 45 minutes to try and get a new tank but none were available, we disbanded…

If no one wants to play a warrior then that is bad for everyone. I really enjoy the warrior class as it’s the most physically demanding one, but you have to undo all the changes from yesterday’s patch for starters and seriously put some love into the issues brought forward.

EDIT: After yesterday’s patch(1/31/2018),Riley fixed the upswing and balanced the speed + strength swings, thank you Riley!!


This is true…

I usually wait until the mob stops in front of me and then sword rush them, so I know that they’re not going to move. It seems that whenever I sword rush a mob that isn’t already attacking me, I end up in this state.

Of course, then shield bash kicks in (without my input) and that gives me time to reposition myself.

Combat mechanics are the most challenging part of playing warrior.


I saw aknowledgement that this is an issue already, but last night I got genuinely frustrated for the first time in 40 hours when my swings weren’t working unless I swung harder than i’d swing my chopping axe to take a tree down. Any tuning to make warrior harder to hit mobs is a big mistake if this class is to be enjoyed. As a relatively fit person who does archery and MA, I decided last night warrior is not fun to play until it’s fixed. Complaints prior to that I could deal with, but this made me feel pretty frustrated to the point I wonder if I have to simply go for mage or musket. Anyway, Riley said in a post yesterday it would be adjusted, I hope they are considering how the changes effect people.


@Richard_A haha oh yeah I forgot about the one, shield bash that kicks in after a sword rush for no reasons!! That happens 9 out of 10 times for me.

I like your idea, wait until the mob runs to you before using sword rush, even though it kinda makes sword rush a bit pointless. :smiley:


The warrior is a tough class to play. The latest swing change didn’t help, but that’s being fixed. I agree the mechanics are more finicky than other classes and it’s easy to mess up and have the party wipe.

Even with all the issues I love the class. I’m sure there will be improvements over time and any feedback is helpful.


Yea, I’ve always played a warrior/melee character in every rpg-style game I’ve ever played, from UO to WoW to Skryim to the Witcher. Always liked being in the thick of the action in PVP and taking the brunt of the damage while fighting to keep the focus of the boss in PVE. I’m currently playing a Ranger because of warrior combos and how damage (and effective ability usage) is dependent on swinging as fast as you can.

I like the idea of combos in theory, but gating effective play behind how fast you can perform a movement kills the appeal for me. Not because it’s difficult, but for the same reason you listed in a separate post about Ranger play, “quick, repetitive motion for long periods of time with no resistance has negative effects on one’s joints.” I’m not at the endgame yet, so I can get by with playing slower as a Ranger since the damage is still high enough to kill things solo without resorting to the 3 arrow per second damage maximization. That didn’t seem possible with the Warrior because of the combo-ability system.


i’ll be completely honest i haven’t played in a while because i don’t have fun on warrior and that’s the class i wasted all my time on lol. maybe i’m just lazy and out of shape. I think maybe lots of gamers aren’t warrior types IRL so in Vr it’s gg for that class.


I played with 3 tanks last night. Every single one of them was frustrated. It seems to be widespread irritation with this last check


Thanks for the recognition. As much as I complain about the Warrior, I still find it to be the most enjoyable class. Once they tune it a little more we will all be happy we chose the sword and board. I believe in @Riley_D


On the other side of the coin, I bought the game specifically to play the warrior class. Loving it despite the soreness.


Same here despite it being harder last night still had a great time, almost gained 2 levels solo in a couple hours.


I think there’s a distinction to be made, were you not having fun because you were too tired, or because you didn’t enjoy the mechanics? I don’t like it when people fall back on the “gamers are all out of shape” meme whenever criticism of combat mechanics takes place. I like that I often break a sweat while playing games in VR and I relish a good post-exercise muscle burn. I agree that some classes are always going to be more physical than others in VR, I just think there are other ways to approach melee combat classes that don’t rely on speed for damage optimization.


I get that, but I do muay thai and bjj and have for years… it’s not about if the movement is “easy” but more about the impact over time. There is good soreness and bad soreness. Form is important and if people are constantly doing explosive movements with no weight it just isn’t good. Check out Repetitive Stress Injury. I am not saying everyone playing Orbus will get this injury - I love Orbus. But if there is any gatekeeping like this is about physical fitness it ain’t. Riley knows this though and most of this convo is hypothetical until we see the adjustments.


any changes to the actual swinging speed was needless, all we wanted was a change to the upward swing and maybe a tweak to hit boxes

even with the recent updates, the speed required is still too high
i have no idea why it was raised anway!

i practiced on the dummy and its still NOT right(dummy still bugged?)


Originally i did want just a fix for the upswing. it didn’t work well at times and it hurt to do comingfrom a hard left swing (for me).

i have not played recently at all so i can’t say how it is now and i’m not rushing to log on from what i’m gearing lol. I don’t know if increased speed is the best idea. I kind of wanted to slow it down, make my swings more awesome instead of mongoloid.


I completely agree and getchu. the lack of weight/resistance really can mess with your joints. maybe we should 3d print controller adding to help with this. do you think it would help if i made a kinda lightweight sword to swing around? i’d probsbly get more tired and definitely do a lot less dps but maybe it’s more healthy and def more immersivez.


I am far from a physical therapist, just someone who has been trying to maintain my meatcase through some rough fun. Not sure what the perfect move is, but I would not add weight of any kind unless you plan to have someone spot you while you play to make sure you have good form… adding a weight vest or wrist/ankle weights has messed up many a body.

The best advice is the simplest - if you feel much pain, stop. The idea of “pushing” is how people do irreperable damage to themselves whether it is yoga or lifting or moving their sister’s stuff to a new apartment. When your muscles are weak your body doesn’t have the support it needs to protect you from serious injury. Sometimes real strength is knowing when to admit it’s time for a break from training.

Lastly stretch out before and after training. Stay hydrated. I have been considering making a youtube video with good stretches and lifts for increasing one’s viability for Orbus combat but really i’d suggest looking into some archery, fencing, and boxing stretches/workouts. You may discover stretches that help you feel WAY better after a play session. I have even rocked some cryotherapy/ice bath after playing just so I could recover faster and play the next day without that deep ache!


To be completely completely honest I feel like an entitled asshole for suggesting the warrior’s gameplay mechanics are boring and that I can’t seem to want to waste physical energy on it. Because before orbus i wasn’t playing shit like it sooo… I guess it’s like now that i’ve played a lot i for sure know i’m not too into that type of gameplay. there’s no flare to what i’m doing, i can go swing my arms outside.


The key to ANY exercise is taking it slow at first, so your body can catch up to what you think you should/can/want to do.

Even if you are super fit, doing a new exercise can make you sore because you aren’t strengthened in those areas yet.

Back to the topic at hand: it’s not just a physical fitness issue that’s for sure. The warrior needs some love over all the other classes.


I’ve wondered if warrior class is hard to level, underpowered, and difficult to play by design because there’s not much room for melee in Orbus.


  1. We’re always in the way, blocking shots.
  2. But we don’t dare move lest the musketeers miss a ranged heal.
  3. Too many melee around a boss would cause issues with teleporting, hit boxes.

(love my warrior)