Warrior class – A dying breed


Totally get where you are coming from here. I’ve struggled a lot with how to phrase my thoughts on class design in a way that isn’t disrespectful to the time and effort the devs have put in (I also think I’ve failed at this at times in the past). But I do think it’s important to voice your opinion so that Riley et al. know how people feel about the gameplay, otherwise the things that don’t work may never change.


Was teaching a new Warrior the other day and he asked me a simple question: “Why is it an uppercut swing instead of a standard downward swing?” I thought about it and couldn’t give him an answer. Only thing I can come up with is maybe the devs simply don’t want people doing downward swings IRL, less chance of hurting other people/themselves.

Another small issue is the Warrior class lacks any flash or substance. The other 3 classes have fancy effects and arsenals of abilities, while the warrior gets a tiny, most of the time unnoticeable, wink of purple light. Heck, the charge doesn’t even have a sound, visual or animation! You just push the button and suddenly you are somewhere else and a damage number shows up. Not even a simple slashing sound effects plays or anything. Meanwhile that Musketeer next to you is putting fancy green circles on the ground and blasting targets with exploding balls of poison goo.


Great post OP. Couldnt agree more. Logged out earlier today because of the changes. The swing speed requirement is still way too high, vertical swings miss a lot and hit boxes are still a joke. The charge taking you to a random position near the mob and the random sheild stuns are just icing on the cake.

Its just so much easier to play the ranger or musk.


I brought up the downward swing vs upward back in Beta. The reason is because most people’s horizontal
right/left swings have a downward component to them as well, so false positive were very high when down was a combo angle. Up didn’t have that same issue.


i was managing just fine by doing the diagonal swing instead of the pure vertical swing

but time will tell and changes can happen hopefully :slight_smile:


I do appreciate trying to fix this class its really fun and i don’t plan on giving up on it but it needs sum TLC. (Thank you for all the hard work and making this fun game)

fix my horizontal right swing registering as an up swing

its an even better work out for my arm XD

even after the last patch i find that i cant keep up the pace required for combos

cant get my up swing to go off with out a ridicules amount of effort and feeling like i am forcing my arm into an award position to even try to get it to go off so my arm now feels like i have farmed for twice the amount of time with even less to show for it.


The hitbox issues with the warrior are my #1 problem with the class. It is by far the most frustrating part of playing a warrior. That problem is amplified by the fact that the mobs with the most problematic hitboxes is also where I need to perform my best. I’m no dev, so I’m probably talking out of my ass, but would it be possible to have swing direction determined by player position and not hitbox position? Then just use hitboxes to determine if it’s actually a hit or a miss?

My other gripes

Shield bash - Please bind this to a button. It goes off all the time when I don’t intend it because something collided with my shield. Keep the bash motion but have it actually trigger when i’m holding a button as well. Also, shield bash doesn’t stop spell casting! Please allow the bash stun to actually interrupt spells and abilities.

Combos - Right now only two of the four combos are useful. It’d be nice of the cleave combo had some extra threat attached to it. I’d probably use it more if that were the case. I’ve never found a use for hamstring since i’ve never pvp’d but it’d be nice if it had some application in PVE as well. More combos in general would be nice. During solo play you just spam one combo over and over.

Combo threat spam - right now the best way to gain threat is literally to swing like a fucking maniac to try and spam as much combos as fast as possible to max out threat. Could you make this more tactical and less meth addict assist spam?

It’d also be nice if there were some way to easily tell if a mob is attacking me or not. When there’s lots of mobs around or if a group is stacked on top of each other it can be difficult to tell if I have mob’s attention.


Most warriors I group with sound worse than a panting dog in the sun, I fill bad for them right now they have to work so hard but we need them.


IMO, due to the awkwardness of mob hitboxes and locations and the weird “flow” of the up swing, I think warrior combos need to go. They were a good idea, but in practice, didn’t really work out. Also, shields need to last longer and we need the option to dual wield (ditch the little shield). Literally all you need to do to fix the class.

Dev Response Time

Why would you play a warrior in a game that the Devs should just rename Runemage VR?


Why would you play a warrior in a game that the Devs should just rename Runemage VR?

lol, its sure is starting to feel that way.


The runemage needed a lot of tweaking, they did that. Musketeers got a little tweaking. Rangers had their turn with the orbs and dps rate changes. Now it’s the warrior’s turn. This is early access and they’ve been working on every class to make them awesome.


Thoughs from a lvl 16 warrior who loves what the devs have made with orbus, and can’t wait to throw money at cosmetics. (wall of text)

I can see the concern with warrior being a dying breed In orbus.
It’s not as flashy as the other classes, and can feel very repetitive compared to the others in some cases. But these are not my biggest concerns about warrior, if there are fewer warriors, there will just be a higher demand for them.

What I see as the biggest issue is the strain it can put on your body and joints. I had to take days of playing after some dungeons because I did not want to risk injury, these are not issues about sweating or panting, that’s just good fun.

This meens that a lot of warriors just can’t play the game as long as a runemage or a musketer without putting high strain on their body(ranger has their own issues) , and I found myself spending more and more time on alt classes. I expect other warriors have done the same.

I have not logged in since the newest patch, but know of some of the issues from previous versions with hit boxes etc. But it was never a big issue when you figured them out, only on bosses.

So what I would suggest is sort of a bigger change of the warrior, to make it more about timing, and less about flailing your arm around.

  1. Make each skill only require one slash,
    Use left and right for wound and provoke.
    Use up and down for hamstrung and Cleve.
    Cleave could also be replaced by a skill that does more damage the sooner it was after a successful block, and call it riposte or something like that.

Then give all the skills a cooldown of a couple seconds or so (would ofc need tweaking)

Make it so that to activate a skill, you also press/hold the trigger during the swing (give charge a small windup or something similar to make it not trigger when not supposed to)

Have attacking regularly work as well, but not as the main damage source. Preferably the need to swing in different directions really fast should be toned down.

This can slow down the pace of arm swinging, and you also don’t have to stop the arm to abrupt to change directions as fast as you can to be able to kill stuff.

I also feel like it gives more room for tactical playing, and not just swing your arms so fast you can out dps the enemy while leveling, or do 100+ provokes to the boss while being healed.

I can’t say for certain that this is a viable solution or way to go, but I would certainly like to see steps taken to reduce the amount of strain playing and leveling a warrior takes on the arm.


wile i do like the idea of making it easier on our joints i don’t want the combos shortened to just 2 swings that make the combos way to OP plus it actually might make it harder for us because we are so use to it how it is now

if any thing were to change besides the swing rate i would like to see a personal item on our belts that lets you switch what shield you are using wile in combat so if one warrior who was the tank dies you can become the new tank or if the DPS warrior needs a brake during a boss fight the 2 can switch out.

(obviously to balance this it would be kinda like the HP bar is were if you go from a lower Hp class to a higher HP class your HP bar wont be max in the warriors case it be going from the DPS shield to the tank shield your shield)


For me it is somehow ok to swing my sword hard for better damage or better swing detection. I think, the hitboxes are a bit better now, but maybe not good enough.

Yesterday I fought some cactus, and noticed the following:
This little guy is standing in front of me in some distance and is hitting me with his little knife. But, when I want to hit him with my big sword, I have to move one or two steps toward him. Otherwise I can’t reach him.

Why are these hitboxes needed at all? Maybe it could be enough to look at the mob and stand as near him, as he has to stand to hit you.


Eh, I don’t really agree with that sentiment. I think there’s a good amount of every class other than warrior at the moment. Let’s be honest: Musketeers are pretty OP. They can’t die (in PVE at any rate). I am quite happy with my ranger as well, and rune mages take practice and are pretty unique so of course people are attracted to the class.


So after the most recent patch to fix the swing how does it feel for everyone? Much better than before?


I played this game where one of your hands is a dragons head. and when you move it it sort of lags behind and shows you a phantom view of where your real hand is (and where you intend for the dragon head to go). I also think a different version of this mechanic would work really really well where the game decides where the end goal of the swing is and how fast it should be swung. different skills combos or attacks can require you to try to execute a strike at a particular angle with a particular speed.


I am still very new to the game but I’ve been thinking about it and had a few ideas that could possibly help, or at least make it more interesting. I think part of the issue is that combos are used for both dps and threat management. I know there is the shield bash and the horn, but it seems provoke is still the main source of threat generation. Having the shield play more of an active role might help when tanking. An idea could be that banging on the shield with your sword would generate threat in a cone that goes out a short distance from the shield, that could help with some of the distance issues. Also I don’t know how accurate enemy attacks are, but blocking a certain way could give extra benefits such as reflecting part of the attack or generating more threat. Another idea is sort of a tanking “pose” where you maybe hold your sword out to the side and let it charge for a second or two, then any strike or stab will generate threat for a short period of time. I also wanted to mention that I like to dps as a warrior too, getting a good motion down to go through a combo and trying to go as fast as possible can be really fun too, as long as you’re careful not to push too hard. I think that separating the style between tanking and dps would help both types of gameplay for the warrior. Sorry for rambling, and sorry if I posted this in the wrong place. I know talking about changes is easy but implementing any change is never a simple task. I am really enjoying the game so far and I think the devs are doing great work, hopefully the warrior will improve and more people get excited about it.


I like the idea of adding thrusts in as a combo move. It could open up a ton of new combos that can be added without having too much interference with existing combos.