Warrior class – A dying breed


This is an issue for VR games across the board. Especially MMORPGs if they want to keep people long-term. There are exceptions but the average gamer wants to play a game, not have the game be a workout session or cause physical pain to joints and muscles where you are icing or using a heat pad after playing. Flame away if you like but it is going to hurt games that don’t realize they need to dial down the amount of physical exertion needed to play a game.


I am a level 10 Musketeer and this is news to me.

The OP one is the Runemage. I am still waiting for the promised Musketeer resurrection ability which should have been in from day one. It is a healer ability.


Maybe I’m alone in this but I’m enjoying getting hella swole while playing warrior. I still want it to be a workout, but what I want is for that workout to mean something in combat. Its hard to keep agro, it’s hard to do DPS, sometimes it’s just hard to stand there with your shield up and not die. So if the warrior can’t effectively do any of that, in my opinion it needs some kind of buff to make it worthwhile to play.

Personally, I want to see:
-more ways to keep agro. More moves so that like a musketeer you can keep popping new things off to keep agro off your team. I would propose a new attack combo as well as a tool of some kind that can be used to draw agro alongside the horn. While taking I’m constantly wishing I had more to do to keep them looking at me.
-stacking combo bonuses with a new effect at each “level”, and dependent on what combos you did. For example: provoke followed by cleave is one level and gives you a bonus (group agro, in this case, similar to horn), then doing another set of two would get you to level 2, with a different bonus, possibly stacking or working with the level 1 bonus.

Those two things, or possibly just the second one but with multiple ways to achieve agro, would solve any issues I have with warrior (outside of hits registering).


I’ve been playing 6+ hours a day, and my arm is fine. I chose warrior in part because I knew I could physically play it at a competitive level. Hope it’s physical demands aren’t altered. Suggest other warriors work on technique that helps them play longer without straining muscles. For example, I don’t fight gravity and angle my sword down.


Oh I completely agree. I love the physical aspect of the warrior, I wouldn’t want that changed either. I like getting a good rhythm down and pushing myself farther each time. I’m even planning on swapping to my left hand to get more of an even workout haha.
I think as long as you’re a little bit careful and not flailing wildly your chances of hurting yourself are pretty low. Warming up a little beforehand doesn’t hurt either. Speaking of technique though, do you have any other tips that could help?



I swing with full arm extensions, no wrist flicking, and depending on hit box, with my arm angled as low as possible, between 30 - 45 degrees.


I also stretch a bit before, during, and after play sessions. For the mines this week I’ve been dancing to music on breaks to sort of get my whole body activated and limbered up.


Buy some wrist weights and see if it helps


Eh like I said before adding weight on extremities without form is a bad idea. It’s way better to just lift weights and maybe switch up the routine a bit if necessary. I am a fan of the kettlebells and have been for a long time, I think Fern has it right that form/energy expenditure goes down as folks get more familiar with the motions also. With the latest changes I think it’s pretty sweet, and in a good spot overall with a little room for improvement. Before the latest patches Riley mentioned, I think it took a bit too much.


100% agree. The warrior feels like it is in a fine state. Other classes need work now. :slight_smile:


It’s almost as if active, collaborative devs can make a change and tune it in to fine form in a matter of days… is this real life??


Thanks! That helps a lot, I’ll try using that form next time. I can’t wait to get back in there, sounds like the warrior’s getting to a pretty good state now.


Trust me u don’t want that. Once i started using wristweights my joints really started to hurt and still recovering fom that a bit. This is not the sort of exercise to build muscle with. The fact u play for hours on end and day after day says enough about that.

I always tell new warriors to take a break now and then


Adding weights to yourself is only for when body exercising has reached it’s limit for you and you require extra weight for it to continue having any effect. Wearing extra weight to train faster is a very unhealthy idea and can easily result in injury in one form another.

My first week in Orbus I played Warrior every day and by day 4 I was sore from exertion. It would have been fine there but I kept going for 2 more days to push it further. The result was a few pulled muscles and a lot of strain that took several days to fix. Taking one or two days off would have been a much better idea instead of being forced to miss a full week. That would be my advice.


Got to take little breaks and get DEEP into the fishing skill… sunfish spree… hammer the catfish… make dem lures.


I am enjoying the warrior class the time to pull,off combos is just right and even with it reading my swings in the wrong direction it does not happen as much as before and its only on enemy’s with weird hit boxes so I am personally happy with it the way it is but that’s not to say that I would hate a update


Totally agree, pulling of combos pretty consistently now, was going hard to level for 4 hours yesterday, just a little sore.


I’m excited to log on again (soon as i clean my apartment!). sounds like warrior is much better now. How do you guys feel about our damage currently. Before i remember rangers 1 shotting everything and warrior dps being quite low compared to the other classes. did our threat go up? did the monster HP go up or did dps go down so things aren’t dying before I reach them?


Michael, at max level, mostly warriors are tanks, not DPS. That could change with talent trees, but is unclear at the moment.


Damage is solid and consistent. Additionally, we bring an on demand CC with our shield stun. Comes in handy when postponing a heavy attack on a tank with a broken shield giving their shield time to pop back up. Also, we are able to help control aggro on fights with adds and pick up and tank if there is a bug and the main tank is killed through his shield. In UoH, our core group is 2 warriors, ranger, mage, and musket (and we are both typically dps unless the specific fight calls for tank shield).

50% of the current boss fights in Tradu don’t require a tank shield and are actually made easier and faster with a DPS shield. For sentry and worm you only need to hold up the shield to block their heavy attack.


While I’m only lvl 10 so far, I feel my shoulder taking damage from the swinging. Feels like I have to swing quite hard to register as a swing. Also, doing the same movements over and over for the combos while soloing does not help either.

And yes, I am not the athletic type… Pro Tennis playing would not have this problem I bet =)

I fear I have to switch to musketeer to prevent permanent shoulder damage…

Anyone else?