Warrior class – A dying breed


Lvl 18 Warrior and I work in construction, lifting beams and lumber all day every day, and after about 2 weeks of playing warrior I had to take a week off. My shoulder was getting too sore when added on top of the lifting I already do and had to call it for awhile. I love Orbus and I love warrior but I can’t risk it affecting my work.

Always be conscious of when breaks are needed and always try to improve your form so your motions are fluid instead of forced. If any of your swings feel like you’re jerking from one swing to the next something might be wrong.


Definitely. I’ve been playing warrior since alpha ~1 year ago. Took a long time to build up the correct muscles in order to play for long stretches of time. I don’t do balanced exercise/lifting so you can definitely tell what muscles are used haha


I consider myself in excellent shape (run half marathons, bike everywhere, eat well, sleep well, meditate, yadda yadda)

and I fear I may need to abandon my level 20 warrior due to the extremely high risk of repetitive motion injury (also known as Repetitive strain injury) . For those who aren’t aware, here are some articles:

It doesn’t matter if you are in shape and you can swing you warrior sword for 3 hours straight fighting all the boses in the tradu mines without breaking a sweat, the issue lies more in the fact that you are doing an overuse of a muscle group and that will lead to RSI.


Doesn’t help that Warrior only have one motion: Wound. No extra moves to throw in there to be fancy, no min/maxing, no skill checks, nothing. Just Wound. No sunder armor, no DoTs, no AOEs (no viable ones at least), no buffs, no debuffs, no range, no utility, just…wound…only wound. Do it, repeat it, love it, repeat it more, LOVE IT SOME MORE!

I want to love this class, I really do, but between the broken hitboxes (that are still as bad as day 1), the pure grindfest that is lvl 19 to 20 (have you killed your 20,000 worms yet?), and the increasingly apparent strain it takes to play this class I’m really starting to regret maining Warrior. I like Tanking, I like melee, I like jumping in to save the day for people in need, but I just find everything else so far in need of work that it’s getting harder to enjoy.

I’m going to keep going and keep trying to find light at the end of the tunnel but it’s looking a bit grim at the moment for us. I know “charges are coming with the talents update” but I also know that’s a very VERY long ways off. Last I heard talents aren’t even out of the concept stage and are simply at the “this would be cool” stage. That’s a VERY long time for the class to remain in it’s broken state.


I had a long thought about this today and my shoulder tells me to stop, so I sadly switched to Musketeer. I love tanking but this is not doable for me. Sure, I can take a week off the warrior and let it rest, but the game is too good and I want to play it now!

I have a suggestion for the devs. Add an option to “hold grip” to register a swing. That button do anything while holding a sword anyway.

Then you can severely lower the speed needed to register a hit. This will help with the force we are … forced to used to register a swing. Might not be realistic that you can just poke the mobs, but lets face it, your main player base are far from athletes…

As for the repetitive motions for wound, I do not know right now. Perhaps add multiple ways to do each swing? I’m sure someone has a better idea.

I fear you are going to have a lot of warriors with tennis elbow otherwise and a severe lack of tanks.


+10! to that!
Warrior is wound…
If there would be like 3 combos that do the same damage that would help I think. But they must do the same damage otherwise people would only use that one with most damage for sure :wink:
Or maybe 1 combo for small/low targets,1 for middle and 1 for tall/high targets…
Let them be written into our book as quest reward or whatever.

Strange thing is that on the training puppet I don’t need much speed or force to hit wound…but especially on higher and/or moving target it doesn’t work most times if I do it the same!
Don’t know if that is a bug or wanted to raise the difficulty level in higher levels!?
It does raise frustration for sure :smiley:

Really want to see @Smithe 's new videos! Maybe he shows how to handle different monsters constantly good!


What you’re describing is not how I play warrior at level 20 at all. But I guess we all have our own play styles.


I played my warrior for over 200 hours and whenever i see new warriors I do tell them to take breaks after an hour of playing. It was quite obvious that indeed RSI can be a culprit when playing the warrior the instant i started with it some weeks ago.

I m in decent shape myself and heavy weights are my kind of my thing. It didn’t take me long before i started using my heavy duty fitness gloves for both hands that basicly lock the wrist joint in place and noticed a vast improvement myself that way wrist wise. I’m mainly tanking now tho and don’t do much else so i m not using wound that much anymore. I noticed provoke is much easier on the joints you do not have to spam it like no Tommorow either. I do not go seriously tanking anywhere without my gloves anymore.


At level 20 you don’t need to level anymore, no need to solo anymore. You can Tank exclusively and that’s a whole different ball game. Throw out a provoke here and there, horns when needed, and Wounds when you feel like being flashy in between blocks.

For literally everything else in the game for Warriors I fail to see anything else to do other than Wound wound wound. Hamstring is useless outside of PVP and Cleave is mediocre at best even if you manage to get it to trigger without getting Provoke interference.


Yup, I don’t move my wrist, I swing from the shoulder, arm straight at a ~45 degree angle. Spam provoke to help recharge ultimate quickly and hold agro, with fast / wide swings.


Hamstring is not useless outside of PVP, there are a few creative uses for URLU. What solo content is there to do at level 20 where wound is needed? Our job is to hold agro, survive, and set up our team to succeed.

Edit: Just noticed you’re level 18 Kevin, yeah…levels 18-20 are super boring wound fests on worms. Try to get a group together for aberrations. Empty your bags first in case UoH is out there “pvping” with levelers and steal your dropped tradable goods.


Is being a meat shield the only singular thing we can do? I understand that’s what tanks normally do in MMOs with Trinity setups but most games include other things for tanks to actually be useful with. Debuffs, DoT’s, support, anything that can be done to make life easier for the rest of the team.

And that’s only for level 20 content. The road to 20 as a warrior is brutal and leads a lot of gamers to quit the class in favor of the other three which don’t need to work nearly as hard to get the same result. Is it doable? Yes. Is it mind-numbingly simplified and strenuous? Also, yes. I simply feel like there’s an enormous amount of room for improvement.


Currently warrior DPS is pretty minuscule compared to mage and ranger, we have a stun, but timing it usually requires being face to face with boss, and horn provides a short shell that absorbs damage, but also generates AOE threat. Hamstring is useful in kiting, but movement can be restrictive due to musketeers needing to aim their heals.

I’m loving max level warrior, find there’s a lot of strategic space with managing shield health, not interested in any other class. Drop me a PM if you would like to meet at the practice dummy sometime to discuss technique. Hope you stick with it!

(At level 12 then again at 15 I retrained myself to swing more ergonomically, so there is an issue here, but also solutions)


I have been thinking a lot about this thread over the past couple of days. First off, obviously if you are playing the Warrior class for multiple hours per day multiple days in a row, you should definitely be listening to your body and taking frequent breaks. I think that’s good advice for any VR game where there’s a lot of physical effort involved.

On the one hand, I don’t think the Warrior is the Warrior anymore without swinging the sword, and the level of physical exertion inherent to that is going to be higher than the other classes. I agree that there is a big difference right now, though, between leveling a Warrior (especially solo) and what you end up doing at end-game. Honestly while tanking a dungeon run you’re going to be focusing a lot more on positioning and blocking than you are on spamming combos over and over again. Personally, I’ve always hated games that required you to do a lot of different stuff while leveling just so you could get to the “fun” at end-game. I’m also sympathetic to the fact that we need a healthy supply of tanks so that people can do end-game content.

So, I think some changes here are definitely worth considering. I am planning to take another stab at the Warrior detection mechanic, and go to a system that, while it will give you a bonus for “harder” swings, doesn’t require them, so that like fishing you can play more actively or passively depending on your current tiredness level.

In addition to that, I think working some type of “blocking charges your attacks” or something else like that where there’s a stronger link between what you’re doing most of the time at end-game and what you’re doing while you are soloing would be a good addition to add some depth to the class, and better represent what you’ll spend most of your time doing at max-level.

Anyway, just some general thoughts on the matter. I don’t want to take away the physicality of the class, but I do want to give a wider spectrum of ways you can express that physicality, and I also want to get away from “soloing is spamming Wound.”


I love new options but also would hate for the class to turn into “block until your attacks are charged then unleash super damage”. . Actually that sounds awesome :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha you would hate it but it sounds awesome?!

And to be clear that’s just one general idea, not saying it will even make the final cut. I think that would be the more “passive” part of it…so like for example if you are fresh you can do what you’re doing now to do additional damage, but then this is like a “bonus” on top of that…but then if you’re feeling more tired/sore, you could rely a lot more on just charging up those attacks. That would be slower going (similar to how passive Fishing takes a little longer), but at least you’re still playing.


I like the idea to give you a bonus if you are blocking, even while soloing. My shield is almost never up when soloing to be honest. I find it hard to time the monsters “hit” as its not synced to the animation (Swines for example, hit at the beginning of the animation and then the hit animation comes a second later).

But yes, my main gripe is the force required to swing the sword. Taking breaks are not my strong side, especially while in a group. “Sorry guys, we have to stay here for 15 minutes while I stretch” - not fun for anyone =)

And … you can be active while fishing? Must have missed that part… googles


That sounds really good! …and yes, please, don´t take away the physicality!! That is VR imho :slight_smile:
…still I would like to see a little more combos to have some variation…even if you reach the same goal (=damage) it would still add more fun to have different ways to that goal and would break the monotony of “wound spam” for people, like me, who level the warrior!!


At endgame we do a lot of blocking. It’s great we gain threat from blocking but allowing us to charge our next X swings from blocks would be neat. Would definitely help solo players as well as they can keep their hp up without sacrificing all damage(plus they learn how to alternate between blocks and attacks without destroying their arms). I’m sure there are tons of possible ways to make the class more creative/ less spammy


I like the physical aspect of the class. I just feel that the amount put in could equate to a bit more result. A mage waves their hand in the air and two shots a target with an ice lance, an archer blasts 90% of targets hp into oblivion with a long range charged piercing shot. Granted those classes take a bit more skill to execute those moves than warriors but in the meantime said warrior is spamming 10x wounds to get the same result.

I like the idea of setting up circumstances for more powerful attacks via either blocking to charge or holding the sword back to build up a power swing or getting perfect timing. Something that rewards skilled play over fast muscle work while also leaving room for varieties of play style.