Warrior Damage!

Alright alright. But what if you just… took small shield warrior, and made it do 4x damage.

Very easy change, adds an entirely new viable archetype of a class, and a 5th full DPS class. Warrior has an entire side of talents dedicated to doing DPS and an additional shield for DPS purposes, and literally no one ever uses it because it’s absolutely godawful, doing about 1/4 the damage of every other class’s peak at the theoretical limit.

Melee DPS would honestly add a ton to the game, and bring up new strategies, tileset discussions, raid composition discussions, positioning changes on bosses, ect. It would be really awesome to add a ton of new content to the game with almost no development work.

It’s not even unbalanced: A top tier warrior does about 30k dps on a dummy, or about 20k in a raid. 3-4x that would put it near other DPS classes, while keeping the massive downside of it needing melee range.


I totally agree that Warrior is an amazing class that could have a great potential if damage was rebalanced. YES, melee DPS would add a ton to the game, I’ve heard so many green leaves using warrior that got disappointed for not being able to deal heavier damage.
Just think that 4x is a little bit too much, considering it uses heavy armor and, well, the heavy dmg + heavy def combination is totally unbalanced. So, how bout considering, like, damage x2 and the small shield 2x weaker for balancing?

To be honest, heavy armor is kinda a joke. The only real reason Paladins take so little damage is because they gain an innate 50% damage reduction on top of their armor, it’s not really their armor that’s doing it. I don’t have exact numbers, but I suspect it would only be 20-30% more tanky then the average DPS class.

To be honest, it needs decent theoretical dps to be useable. A 2x bonus would give it a theoretical limit of 70k dps, which is barely enough for HMC2, and taking into account the hit recognition getting increasingly bad with lag, the highest possible dps in a raid would be somewhere around 50k in addition to not being able to hit a moving boss, requiring the player to be right next to the boss, ect.

A 2x bonus would make it worse than a shaman when played perfectly, just with less range, less damage, no AoE, and far more difficult to play.


Idk a dps class with a stun and a shield and a hamstring and a heal and an instant agro pull seems really overpowered

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Also charge wound would 1shot in pvp if its 4x

I mean, you sacrifice damage, range and ease of use for utility, and that’s fine. The tank can already hamstring and stun, the extra stun is not relevant with a Paladin tank, and similar amount of stun to a break shot scoundrel. Besides that the rest of the abilities… Don’t help? Healing would massively decrease your dps, even moreso than light card scoundrel. And pulling aggro is entirely useless in any somewhat high level content.

If it’s an issue, just give small shield warrior 50% less armor.

And this would still not actually be good, but yes. They could also just change the pvp damage as they do with runemage, but warrior is unplayable in pvp. This would still make it unplayable, but it could pretend to have a use.

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I think this is a great idea to an extent.

I think this game def needs a more damage orientated tank thats good for clearing mobs and helping dish out their own DPS during a boss fight. As well as being a good pick for PVP.

I think warrior already achieves all of that to a certain extent. But lacks behind the Pali for everything besides aggro holding. And even then, not by too far of a margin.

I think this is a very easy fix. Being a soft warrior rework when it comes to the right side of the Warrior talents. Which, if you check, were supposed to be the damage talents for warrior. And honestly they aren’t as bad as many people make them out to be. But I don’t think its strong enough. And nor does it really do what its supposed to.

If you want a more indepth idea of what I’m talking about; check out my Damage Warrior Viability post I made a year and a half ago.

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The funny thing is, back when reborn launched we had a different level 30 talent. It allowed us to break our shield at any time in order to gain a buff depending on the shield type, and that would honestly be a good solution. It’s an extremely interesting and skill reliant talent that requires good situational awareness as well as good understanding of a bosses rotation to be used as a tank, while also working as a fantastic DPS tool if balanced correctly. It would also address the fact that warrior dps may be too powerful if they had a small shield too, by making them break the small shield in order to do decent damage.


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